Where to Eat in Seattle: The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Seattle

Wondering where to eat in Seattle? Here are some of the best places to eat in Seattle and some of the best Seattle restaurants and bars! This is the perfect Seattle foodie list of all my favorites.

Are you hungry and wondering where to eat in Seattle? Keep on reading for the best places to eat and drink in Seattle!

By now, you probably know that Seattle is one of my all-time favorite cities. Why? Because Seattle has some delicious food and makes for the perfect eating vacation, which is my favorite kind of vacation! Having been to Seattle 7 times in the last 6 years, I've eaten a LOT of food in the city and I figured it's time to tell y'all my list of where to eat in Seattle.

I have a growing list of must-eats whenever I visit, and I always try to get in some new-to-me spots, but it's so hard sometimes - so many things to eat, so little time (and stomach space). Seattle has a bustling culinary scene, and there's something for everyone here.

So without further ado, here are my top picks for where to eat in Seattle!

where to eat in seattle - tavolata
Some of the best pasta that I've had outside Italy. Ethan Stowell is alocal restauranteur who has several restaurants, each specializing in a different aspect of Italian food - Tavolata is his pasta joint. The pasta is always cooked to al dente perfection, and you can't go wrong with the Papperdelle or Rigatoni here. They also have a happy hour from 5-7 every day that includes most of the pastas on the regular menu for half off, which is a STEAL. One of the best places to eat in Seattle for sure!

where to eat in seattle - the walrus and the carpenter
Walrus and the Carpenter
The Walrus and Carpenter was named by Bon Apetit magazine as one of the best new restaurants in America for 2011. They were not wrong - it is definitely one of the best places to eat in Seattle. If you are an oyster fan, this place is a must, because this is THE spot for oysters! Pro tip: They have an oyster happy hour from 4-6pm Monday-Thursday, which means 50% off the amazing oysters. Get there early (people were lining up at 3:45pm) and happy slurping!

where to eat in seattle - local 360
Local 360
Local 360's focus is on using fresh, sustainable ingredients sourced within 360 miles of Seattle. I love the brunch here (their biscuits and gravy are on point), and have come for happy hour a few times as well. You have to get the PB&J bonbons here - they are fried balls of peanut butter, served on top of jam and a shot glass of milk. Definitely one of my favorites when considering where to eat in Seattle!

where to eat in seattle - poppy
Confession: The first time I went to Poppy, I totally decided to go because I was a sucker for their cute branding. Poppy does fresh Pacific Northwestern cuisine with a little bit of an Indian influence, highlighting fresh, local ingredients - they even grow some of them in the garden in the back of the restaurant. This is all served up as little thalis, which are essentially an Indian platter that is made up of small dishes - so basically, their spin on a tasting menu (and much more affordable). They even have these cute little dessert thalis for 2!

Salumi, which is owned by the parents of celebrity chef Mario Batali,  has been a Seattle institution for decades and always has a line out the door. Keep in mind that they have some odd hours (that always seem to work against me), but you have to go if you can get there! There are known for their Italian meats and specialties (like gnocchi). Salumi is always on all the "where to eat in Seattle" lists, and for good reason! Grab a sandwich to go (it is a cramped space), and perhaps take it to the nearby waterfall garden (see this post for more on that).

Umi Sake House
I basically love this place because their happy hour is AMAZING - the menu is extensive, their prices a great deal, and the food good. They have both an early (4-6pm) and late (10:30pm-close) happy hour every day, so this tends to be my go-to spot when I'm wanting a pre-dinner snack or a late-night second dinner (which I tend to do in Seattle, because helloooooo, I go there for an eating vacation). Their sushi is fresh, and their hot items are delicious. Can't go wrong.

where to eat in seattle - kizuki
The last time I was in Seattle, I was craving ramen - hard! I did a quick Yelp search, and it seemed that Kizuki was the overwhelming favorite so I hauled my butt over there. You WILL be getting the garlic shoyu tonkotsu ramen here - it is rich, garlicky, and delicious. They also have a selection of izakaya-style appetizers and small places. I loved it so much that I went back a second time the very next day.

where to eat in seattle - pie bar
Pie Bar
Because it's a bar...that serves fresh-baked pies, and how can you go wrong with that?! When you walk in, you will be overwhelmed by that sweet, buttery smell of pies that are being baked fresh in the oven (isn't that one of the best smells in life?!). They make both savory and sweet pies here - their chicken pot pie and apple pie are AMAZING. They also have a selection of dessert themed cocktails.

where to eat in seattle - hot cakes
Hot Cakes
I had been hearing about Hot Cakes foreverrrr but I never seemed to have the time or the stomach space to fit it in. Well, I finally fit it in on my last trip to Seattle - even though I barely had enough stomach space, I *had* to go. It was worth it. That gooey, rich, chocolate-y deliciousness was incredible.

where to eat in seattle - crumble and flake
Crumble and Flake
My ex-boyfriend used to say that this places had his favorite croissants outside Paris. As for me, I come here for the pistachio croissants, a perfectly buttery, nutty amazingness of a pastry. Heads up: they only make them on the weekends. They also have a paprika cheddar croissant that some of my friends are obsessed with, and their macarons are pretty tasty as well.

where to eat in seattle - macrina
Macrina Bakery
Macrina has a large selection of fresh-baked pastries and breads that never disappoint. This is a great spot to stop in for lunch - their foccacia sandwiches are the BEST.

where to eat in seattle - beecher's
Beecher's Cheeses
This is usually my first stop whenever I go to Pike Place. They have a ton of artisanal cheeses that you can sample and purchase, which I should really do sometime. But what I come here for is the mac n cheese. You can't go wrong with the rich, creamy, cheesiness of that mac n cheese.

where to eat in seattle - piroshky piroshky
Piroshky Piroshky
What is a piroshky? It is a Russian pastry stuffed with a variety of fillings, both sweet and savory. Once upon a time, my friends went to Seattle without me (*sniff*) and while they were gone, I had a dream that I went with them and I had a piroshky from this place. When I woke up, I was so sad and had serious FOMO. The original flagship location inside Pike Place always has an insane line that rivals the line of the original Starbucks next door, but you'll be shocked at how quickly it moves. There are also a bunch of locations all around the area nowadays as well. The smoked salmon one is my favorite if you're in a savory mood, and the cinnamon is great if you're in a sweet mood.

where to eat in seattle - rachel's ginger beer
Rachel's Gingerbeer
If you thought gingerbeer was JUST gingerbeer...well, you are wrong. Rachel's sells gingerbeer in such fun flavors such as passion fruit, peach, cucumber tarragon, and much more! They also sell gingerbeer cocktails, and gingerbeer floats - which you can also get as a  boozy float (and I totally did. And they aren't messing around with the boozy part).

where to eat in seattle - espresso vivace
Espresso Vivace
This is hands-down my favorite latte in Seattle, and probably my all-time favorite latte anywhere. Always consistently well-made, perfectly creamy, and perfectly roasted. So, soooo good.

where to eat in seattle - canon
Canon has consistently ranked in numerous best bars lists both nationally and internationally and for good reason - they have creative, unique, and well-made cocktails here. You WILL wait in line here - but they do a good job of controlling crowd flow inside, so you aren't cramped and constantly elbowing someone - you have ample room to sit or move around. We got in a conversation with the bouncer at the door once and he said his favorite cocktail here was a bacon and fig one, which I ended up not trying, but that gives you an idea of the creative concoctions they serve up here. Canon specializes in whiskey and bitters, but they have a huge selection here - in fact, they recently won a prestigious "World's Best Spirits Selection" award.

Bathtub Gin
Bathtub Gin is a speakeasy type place that is hidden away in an alley in Belltown. If you navigate to the address, you won't find it - the entrance is actually located in an alley between 1st and 2nd Avenue. I love the bartenders here and have always enjoyed chatting it up with them, and they know what they're doing. I always get the dealer's choice here - you specify a spirit and what kind of drink you're in the mood for (sweet, sassy, etc) and have always enjoyed the resulting creation. (P.S. The drinks here are STIFF.)

Anything Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas's popular restaurants have been a Seattle institution for years - and for good reason! I always say that I have to make a stop at a Tom Douglas establishment every time in Seattle. He has been recognized with the prestigious James Beard award for both best Northwest chef and Best Restauranteur for his excellence in Pacific Northwest cuisine. I always tell people to check out a Tom Douglas establishment when they ask where to eat in Seattle. He has 13 restaurants in the Seattle area, but here are some of my faves:

where to eat in seattle - tom douglas - dahlia lounge
Dahlia Lounge
Dahlia Lounge is Tom Douglas's flagship restaurant and specializes in Pacific Northwest cuisine with an Asian flair. My favorite here has always been the crab cakes - can't go wrong!

where to eat in seattle - tom douglas - dahlia bakery
Dahlia Bakery
Right next door to Dahlia Lounge. You can get some of Douglas's signature coconut cream pie here...which is a must-have. I get a slice of this whenever I am in town (usually at Palace Kitche, see below). The cookies here are also divine.

where to eat in seattle - tom douglas - lola
Lola is Douglas's Mediterranean-influenced restaurant, and is known for their delicious brunch. I loved the omelette here...but what you MUST order are the donuts. Just divine. Trust me on this one.

where to eat in seattle - tom douglas - serious pie
Serious Pie
Douglas's pizza joint is, well...some serious pie. You can't go wrong with these wood-fired, thin-crust pies here. They have a lot of creative options, but my favorite over the years has always been the sausage. Never disappoints - definitely one of the best places to eat in Seattle.

Palace Kitchen
Palace Kitchen is probably one of the less popular Douglas establishments, and I've never actually eaten a meal here. But they are open until 1 a.m., so it is the perfect place to stop in for a nightcap and a slice of that dreamy coconut cream pie.

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Have you been to Seattle? Where are your favorite spots to eat and drink?

Wondering where to eat in Seattle? Here are some of the best places to eat in Seattle and some of the best Seattle restaurants and bars! This is the perfect Seattle foodie list of all my favorites. #seattle #washington #emeraldcity #visitseattle #seattledining #foodie #seattleeats


Wallis said…
Yummy, everything looks so delicious. Will definitely try out the Beecher's Cheeses when I go back, I'm totally obsessed with cheese!
Seattle is definitely on my USA list, I've actually heard about a few of these places in this post. I have a friend who is from Seattle and she raved about it a lot :D
These look fantastic!! (okay minus the oysters.. not my favorite haha). I'm hoping to head to the PNW area, Seattle and Portland specifically, in 2019. So I'm definitely pinning this for later!!
Medha said…
I've never been to Seattle but it's on my list, whenever I'm able to travel to the States next, it'll definitely be the city I'd want to visit. All the food here looks amazing, I think you've made my task of searching for good eating places so much easier now. Thanks for sharing!
bee said…
Cool list and these dishes all look amazing. def worth bookmarking if ever in Seattle
Lisa said…
A pie bar, are you serious?!! I've never been to Seattle, but fell in love with in when I used to watch Frasier! Everything you've mentioned sounds amazing, but this pie bar wins for me.
Kate said…
Yum! I love the variety of foods here, it seems like a really multicultural city. I really missed my city of Adelaide when I was in South America because at home I have easy access to cuisine from any country that I could possibly want, especially Vietnamese. Food is life!
Cassy said…
I live here in Seattle! I can't say I've been to even half of these places though.....piroshky is one of my favorite touristy places to go when I bring friends to pikes' place though. Have you been to SureShot Espresso?
Keani Aabel said…
And suddenly I've found myself very hungry. This is amazing, I've been wanting to go to seattle so badly, and to find out they have amazing food... ugh now im dying to go even more. Pie bar looks like something out of my dreams! I am definitely saving this for later!
Yumm, that tonkotsu ramen! Everything here looks so good. I need to get up to Seattle ASAP and start eating. No more excuses since it's such an easy trip from SF!
Michelle Joy said…
I can't wait to go back to Seattle so I can try some of these places! I love the samples at Pike Place.
Oh gosh everything here looks incredibly tasty! I'm suddenly ravenous ha! I would love to visit Seattle - have saved this post for future reference :)
Helena said…
All of this looks so amazing! I love a good food post and yes, eating vacations are a must. I literally spend hours researching food once I've booked a trip cause I love looking at menus. (also, yay for ramen, best food out there!) x
Oh my goodness I'm drooling all over my laptop right now! I've been to Seattle so many times but I've actually never tried any on this list. I'm a big pasta person tho so definitely gonna give Tavolata a visit. Have you been to Pink Door??? They have pretty bomb pasta too. And do you think Kizuki compares to authentic ramen in Japan? I find a lot of ramen shops here in North America are missing something in the flavors even tho they may be run by Japanese chefs and owners.
Emma said…
This article has just made Seattle sky rocket to the top of places I need to visit in USA! Looks amazing :)
Christina Guan said…
I'm dying! This all looks incredible! I've been to Seattle several times (since I'm from Vancouver) but I'm ashamed to admit we usually make a beeline for Cheesecake Factory since it's such a novelty for us haha. From this list, I've only ever had Piroshky Piroshky. Time to head back!!!
April said…
This all looks so amazing! I especially want to visit the pie bar and tried some of that fried peanut butter! Definitely drooling while reading this!
amar rathore said…
Your pics are awesome. Honestly, there was so much interesting information and details I wanted to know more about that I would have kept coming back if this
Christina said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christina said…
Serious Pie, Tavolata, Walrus & the Carpenter, and beechers. Omg just read about the Rachel's Gingerbeer. I love gingerbeer, can't wait! on my list. Only so much time to eat. Thanks for the recs. Esp the HH ones!
Carly said…
Seattle is definitely one of my favorite cities for eating! I have been meaning to check out Poppy for a few years now - its reputation has spread all the way to Canada already!
I am from Seattle originally and haven't been to (or heard of) over half of these places! Thanks for sharing - I'm going to check them out. Also, I'm with you on the Umi Sake House rec. One of my fav places of all time!
Geez, all of this looks amazing - especially the cakes and pies (major sweet tooth here :) ). Definitely gotta try these places when I'm in Seattle.
Clazz said…
Woah! I could have done with this a few days ago haha. So many great places! That paprika cheddar croissant sounds interesting but potentially amazing! Thankfully, I'll be going back!
Leigh said…
Yum! I lived in Seattle for 3 years, but moved away in 2006, so a LOT has changed! I do love PIroshky Piroshky and a few others here. I have to add Ivar's clam chowder on a cold rainy day is the best!
Tanmaya Godbole said…
This looks like such an awesome list! Def pinning it to use next time I'm in Seattle (which might be this summer because of work!)
Btw, there's a Bathtub Gin in NYC...wonder if it's the same?
Cat said…
Oh my gosh i’m drooling! I always wanted to visit Seattle but I had no idea it was a foodie place! Those pies and beechers cheese will be my first stops now! Delish! :)
Christie said…
Every single one of these places looks amazing!! The pasta, the ramen, the desserts... yum! I interned in Bellevue in the summer of 2013, but I'm dying to get back to Seattle again to experience more of the city!
Josy Austin said…
This is soooo helpful! I will definitely keep it in mind for when we head down to Seattle! Everything looks soooo good!
David Millar said…

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