Best Walls in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city with an abundance of amazing street art - walking down its streets is like wandering through an art gallery. Over 1000 murals can be seen in all over the city - in some parts of the city, like the Mission, there are murals everywhere you look, and this is where you can find many of the best walls in San Francisco.

I am a sucker for a good wall and I love cruising the city to find them! Here, I've rounded up my favorites for the ultimate collection of the best walls in San Francisco, and where to find them.

1. Flamingo Wall by fnnch
outside Media Noche restaurant
3465 19th St.

2. Blue Houses and Poppies by Ursula Young
Ames Alley and 21st St.

3. Rainbow Geometric Wall
Clarion Alley - between Valencia St. and Mission St.
(this alley is full of amazing walls - definitely home to some of the best walls in San Francisco!)

4. Floral Wall by Jet Martinez
Valencia St. & 15th St.

5. Tribal Chevron Wall
Balmy Alley - between 24th St. and 25th St.
(another spot with some of the best walls in San Francisco)

6. Ombre Triangle Wall by Val Santillo and Yuka Ezoe
outside Edo Salon
601 Haight St.

7. Pink wall
outside Miette
449 Octavia St.

8. Neon Feather Wall  by Apexer
18th St.& Guerrero St.

9. Pink Block Wall
Balmy Alley

10. Lip Wall by fnnch
outside Bodega
700 Columbus Ave.
*note: a blue and white version of this is also on Haight St. & Central Ave.

11. Citrus Argyle Wall 
outside Boba Guys
3491 19th St.

12. Evolutionary Rainbow Wall by Yana Zegri
Cole St. & Haight St.

13. Abstract Bird Wall
Buena Vista Horace Mann School
Valencia St. & 23rd St.

14. Tropical Leaf Wall by Elle
Sparrow Street & Caledonia St.

Where have you found amazing street art? Let me know in the comments!


Harinie said…
A lot of it actually looks like an art gallery. Really beautiful collection. Are the murals recent??
caroline said…
@Harinie - yes! Most of the photos were taken within the past week :)
Harinie said…
Ah OK. The last time I was there was able four years ago so perhaps I missed them. :)
Sierra said…
Dangit, I wish I'd had this post during my trip to SF last month! Ha. So many beautiful walls!
So many beautiful murals! I need to bookmark these for when I return to SF!
Adrianna Vogel said…
OMG I've seen so many cool walls in SF on Instagram and Ive always wonder where they are! You found them and put them here in such a wonderful post! Thank you! Hopefully I will be able go back to SF one day and take photos of them! So beautiful!
caroline said…
@ Sierra - come back and we will go crawl for more murals! :)
caroline said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
caroline said…
@Anita- This is just the start - there are soooo many more! Seriously, I can do multiple posts about this!
caroline said…
@Adrianna - Thanks for reading! Yes, definitely come back to check out all the cool walls!
Sherry said…
Your pictures are ace! What a good idea! X
Such beautiful walls and pictures! The Flamingo Wall is my favorite!
Kris said…
What lovely pictures. Some of the artwork in these is so detailed. It must've taken you ages to find all of them.
caroline said…
Thank you so much!
caroline said…
Thanks so much! That might be my fave too ;)
caroline said…
Thanks so much! I've been finding them over some time now - just had to go back to photograph them! ❤️
Prime Princess said…
Oh my my this is so beautiful.
Hello from India. My friend stats in San Francisco. But I am seeing the quircks of the city through your eyes for the first time. Lovely
Tina said…
San Fran kind of reminds me of Melbourne (Australia) with all its street art. Can't wait to visit one day!
Wow, I am a huge fan of street art and seek it out wherever I travel - these pics look amazing!!
Kristin Kohler said…
What a great list! I live in Germany currently and not in the kind of place where there are murals for taking photos next to, so I love seeing all the cool ones back in the states. My husband might hate it, but if I ever get to a big city in the US I will be dragging him around to take my photo at the best ones!
I've read a lot of posts on street art in all different cities around the world, but never has a place impressed me so much as San Francisco - I cannot wait to visit next year!
Jasmin said…
The street art in San Francisco looks so unique! I love the color and the style, not sure I've seen street art like this anywhere :D
caroline said…
Thank you! You should definitely come back - - and now you know who to ask about cool places in the city ;)
caroline said…
I've heard that about Melbourne! Would love to go one day!!
caroline said…
Thank you! I definitely seek out street art too!
caroline said…
Haha you definitely should! Lots of street art all over the US!
caroline said…
SF definitely had amazing street art - and there is soooo much of it!
caroline said…
It definitely has a lot of unique street art, and something for everyone!
Caroline - these are such AMAZING finds! I especially love the ombre triangle wall, citrus argyle wall and evolutionary rainbow wall. Thank you for introducing me to so many hidden gems in our city! xo
Strange Party said…
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Hillary said…
Love these!! Thank you for sharing! Do you know where to find a plain white wall in SF?! Location scouting and on the hunt for one!
H!3n Dnzg said…
Are these murals still there? I can't seem to find the 2. Blue Houses and Poppies on google map.
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