what i ate this week

just a reminder that the giveaway for a spot to jill's scrapbooking from the soul workshop is still going on over here :)

i've noticed that many of my instagram photos (and really, most of my photos in general) are of what i eat. soooooo, i decided that i should compile all of these weekly and turn them into a blog post. go ahead, judge me all you want.

i now present to you -  what i ate the week of 8/5-11. (meant to post this monday, but i'd been under the weather)

left to right from top:
ahi tuna burger from gott's roadside
chicken & waffles (and latte) from beachside cafe
chicken pho from turtle tower
happy hour oysters from cafe des amis
carnitas street-style tacos from tacko
mitarashi dango from kissako tea
sweet corn and berry ice cream from smitten
garlic tenderous rib ramen from genki ramen
steak burrito from chipotle


Jill said…
You're a total foodie. :) Everything looks so good!
rahul patidar said…
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