what i ate the last two weeks (+ giveaway winner)

last week completely got away from me - it's been busy, busy, busy. really though, this whole year seems to be getting away from me. can anyone believe it's september already next week?! WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO?

lots of exciting things happening next month, but first things first - what i've been eating the last two weeks!

left to right, from top:
tortilla soup from tacko (perfect lunch for when you're sick)
schnitzel + mashed potatoes from suppenkuche (one of my favorite restaurants in SF!)
eggplant parmigiana from olive garden (sometimes, i really really crave olive garden. don't judge)
spicy pork, tonight ramen, and seafood pancake from tonight soju bar
pork belly bun from chairman bao
chips + guac from la canasta (because you can never have too much guac, amiright?)
animal style cheeseburger + fries from in n out (seriously can't go wrong)
braised lamb sandwich (with avocado) from gregoire (this has become j and i's go-to spot for lunch)
carnitas special from juan's place (j has been talking about these carnitas for years, but our timing is never right - til now. oh man, they were tasty)

left to right, from top - 
stuffed spinach & mushroom pizza from zachary's (our go-to tailgating meal of choice)
turkey + avocado sub from marina submarine (because they add SO. MUCH. AVOCADO.)
baja style fish taco, nick's way from tacko (yes, i've gone here three weeks in a row)
strawberry & peach muffin + a latte from mavelous
mac & cheese from cowgirl creamery (almost as good as beecher's in seattle. almost)
deluxe sushi combo from miyuki

now that i've made myself hungry, here's the winner to jill sprott's scrapbooking from the soul workshop: yam!

yam, please send me an email (on the sidebar on the right), and i'll get your set right up!


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Melissa said…
Awwww, you just made me super hungry EKG!!!

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