scrap binge + a giveaway

i was so honored to be able to contribute to jill's new workshop for two peas in a bucket, scrapbooking from the soul. jill has a beautiful way with words (and she makes amazing pages), so i knew her workshop would be amazing!

from the class description - 

As scrapbookers, we do not document life as passive observers -- we have the power to make meaning, sharing what matters in ways that matter. Join Garden Girl Jill Sprott for Scrapbooking from the Soul, a workshop that explores ways to embrace the “soul scrapper” within and infuse pages with layers of meaning.  

In this workshop, Jill shares a variety of approaches and strategies for how to become more invested in creating layouts that feel authentic to you as well as authentically you. The workshop emphasizes in particular the role that journaling plays in enhancing meaning and contributing to a sense of unity. 

To serve as a creative springboard and to help you expand your repertoire of strategies for journaling, the workshop is based on a series of challenges, each of which serves as a key, unlocking the possibilities of a page and making the idea of scrapbooking from the soul a more accessible concept.

If you would like to adopt a more thoughtful approach to your layouts, hone your journaling skills, and seek the “soul” within your scrapbooking, then this workshop was made for you.

jill has kindly offered up a free spot to her class for me to give away. leave a comment here by friday, august 16 and i will draw a winner!

in other news...i've been scrapping up a storm these last few weeks. this is good because i had barely touched a piece of paper in the last couple of months and i have all this year's worth of studio calico kits piling up (with another on the way). here are some things i've come up with lately...

i still have plenty left to kill, so i better get on that, i guess! (luckily, i have a free evening, a bottle of wine, and a bunch of episodes of breaking bad to watch).


Ashley H said…
happy to see you scrapping again!:)
Hannah Teej said…
This is fabulous. I came across your blog via Pinterest and I'm looking forward to being able to work my way back through your archives...and find out more about this chocolate for a living thing! Brilliant. :)
Pat C said…
Those layouts look great! I vacationed in Seattle recently too and had a great time :)

Thanks for the chance to win!
Cristina said…
Yay for kit killing! :) It feels so good!
I love your page about the food in Seattle!!
Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Jill's class - I love her style!
2peas: CristinaC
jojobeth1 said…
Coolness you got to contribute to a TwoPeas class! Love your scrapbook style!
yam said…
First, it's so nice to see your layouts again! I remember following you a few years ago and I somehow lost my links when I changed computers. Even if you barely scrapped in the past months, you made up for it now! Lovely layouts :)

Next, thanks for the chance to win your giveaway! Was looking to enroll in the class, even more that you're a contributor.
Wendy B said…
So happy to see you scrapping again. Love your style. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class.
rahul patidar said…
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