29 before 29

it only took me a month (and them some) to finish up this list, but here it is finally:
1. run a half-marathon
2. travel out of the country
3. take more pictures
4. blog once a week
5. bike to sausalito
6. clean out closet
7.  upgrade camera
8. be a tourist in LA
9. discover 3 new brunch spots
10.  photograph a wedding
11. take a girls' trip/have a girls' weekend
12. go roller skating
13. take a fitness class
14. read 5 books
15. go back to NYC
16. learn illustrator + dreamweaver
17. revamp website & blog
18. go to a meetup
19. learn a new skill
20. take more day trips
21. make more friends with shared common interests
22. rewatch the office from start to finish
23. have a so-cal beach day (bikes + bonfire)
24. ask for what i want more
25. go ice skating more
26. watch a new TV series
27. make a significat change,
28. cook more often
29. do a shoot entirely in film

here's to hoping i have better luck crossing things off this list than i did last year, haha :)


Jill said…
I crazy love this! Brilliant!

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