28 before 28 update

my 28th birthday is in just about a week now, which made me pull out this list and wonder about my progress:

run a 10k and/or half marathon
 planning on one in the summer. i have been very on and off about my running (run 5-6 miles 3x a week for 2 months, then not run at all for a month), so i'm trying to get more consistent first. 

get back into photography again working on it.
 new branding, new website, setting up some styled shoots...fun stuff. i watched jasmine star's reSTART workshop on creative live and was totally inspired so this is a big goal of mine this year. 

read 6 new books
fail. i have a huge stack of unread books, too. 

go to yoga
fail. my gym offers yoga classes and i really should take advantage of them. 

\make more time to be creative.
i feel like i've done good on this.

go to portland 

go back to NYC.
i'm putting this back on the list for next year. 

take a vegas trip with the girls
i went to vegas, but not with my gal pals. i'm going to cross it off anyway. 

see 3 new bands live.
 i'm at two. (frightened rabbit and animal kingdom). guess i need to see another show in the next week! 

take an illustrator class.

master latte art.
 i can pour a decent rosetta into my lattes, so can i cross this off now? i can do better, though. 

ask a boy out.
 uhm. yeah. 

blog once a week
epic fail. 

cook once a week
epic fail. i need to stop putting this one on the list every year, because i seem to just set myself up for failure.

upgrade camera.
coming this summer! 

create a budget and stick to it.
i've been better at this some times than others this year.

bike to sausalito.
i'm going to put this back on the list. 

go to a music festival.
didn't happen.

go to the symphony, ballet, and/or opera. 
i went to see the ballet a few weeks ago - yay! i still want to go to the symphony and opera though. 

have a picnic. 
i've picnicked several times, but not what i had envisioned in my head when i put this on the list. i'll still cross it off though. 

go to sleep earlier

watch sportscenter again
fail, but does checking the ESPN app on my phone count?

set up a styled shoot

photograph a wedding
didn't happen. played assistant to one of my favorite wedding photogs this year, though!

go to an amusement park.
 i really want to go to disneyland. 

discover a new hobby.
i didn't even figure out what hobby this would be!

hmm...not great progress this year. oh well. working on next year's list though - and putting some stuff from this year's list back on it - and hopefully will do better! will share that list soon!


Trude said…
I figure the goals are more like guidelines anyway, and to keep us moving! ;) Any checked off items is great!
Jill said…
It's progress all the same! I love that pic! :)
Alinor said…
i just turned 24 and did a big 25 before 25 list. i honestly can't wait to be 1 year from today to see how much stuff i'll have crossed off (is that weird that i am more excited about crossing of stuff than doing it lol)

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