happy (belated) new year, ya'll. two layouts that sum up what i want for myself this year:

first up is my one little word for 2013: go. both in a "ready, set, go" kind of sense and a "go, see, do" way. i have so many things that i want to do, places to go, things to see and plenty i want to experience but i tend to overthink and let that get the best of me. i want to spend less time thinking and just letting go and spend more time doing and just say "go."

this one was inspired by this quote that i saw on pinterest:

as soon as i saw it, i knew it was going to be scrapped. it basically sums up everything i want for 2013.

(both layouts were made by the december studio calico kits).


~amy~ said…
Awesome layouts! Happy New Year!
So happy to see you blogging layouts again :)
Trude said…
I'm so right there with you on going and doing more this year. Such gorgeous layouts!

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