can you remember ever having any fun

in an attempt to push myself to get back into photography again, i bought myself a film camera on ebay. (seeing my photo buddies buy one recently AND stalking jose villa's and jonathan canlas's blogs didn't hurt either).

it arrived on friday. over the weekend, i promptly shot through two rolls of film, dropped them in the mail to send to mpix on monday, and finally saw the results today.

some of my fave shots.

the first 4 photos were shot on kodak gold 200 film, the second set were on fuji 200. i can't wait to experiment with different films, but i can see how this can quickly become expensive, haha.

this is probably the best $20 impulse purchase ever. i am completely sold on why film is better (though i am not sure i can ever shoot it exclusively). i just love the softer tones and depth of field from a film camera. it's just prettier.

will probably get out and shoot some more on my day off tomorrow. can't wait to experiment some more!


Jill said…
So you got the camera for $20. Judging by these pics, awesome deal!
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