my racing thoughts

cardi: old navy. top: mine. skirt: banana republic (thrifted). shoes: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21. earrings: forever 21.

funny story about the last photo: that mosaic wall is in front of a middle school in the mission. right after i took that shot, this group of girls came running out the doors. oops. hence, the rest of the shots are in my backyard.

anyways. i was trying to have a little bit of fun with colors today. :) i haven't had a lot of luck lately with thrifting (either nothing catches my eye or whatever does isn't in my size and i don't feel like altering them), but the red skirt is one of my recent finds - i think it was $3 at goodwill. red + aqua is one of my favorite color combinations so i threw on the cardi. i added the pink polka dot top because it was cute and a bit more fun than wearing something white.

notice that i'm wearing wedges? they were on clearance at target for $12. in fact, most of the target shoe department was on clearance...a total danger zone. i originally threw like three pairs of sandals in my basket, but i tried to be good and only came home with one pair since i don't wear sandals all that often. today was my day off and i tried to break those shoes in so i can wear them in japan without dying.

had a relatively productive day today: one week til vacation but soooo much left to do before i leave and a busy week at work.

and a scrapbook page to share - for the pink paislee blog.

i love that nantucket line. so summery!


kileen said…
i love how you styled this red skirt and those Target wedges are super cute!!

cute & little
I just got wedges at Target for $15 too!! I love that store!
And I totally know what you mean about people watching when you're taking an outfit pic. I always look super awkward in my pictures when I know others are watching. I wish I could just get over it but it's hard!! haha

Notes She Wrote
Jen said…
Great skirt ! Luv the outfit & the shoes, super cute !
Anonymous said…
Cute, Cute, Cute colors and ruffles! I love it!
kimmie said…
Oh that mosaic is so pretty. Sad that you weren't able to get more pictures :)

I love all the colors, they work so well together!

and I bought the same wedges in red, but ended up returning them because as cute as they were, my toes were hurting after wearing them for a few minutes around the house, I doubt I could wear them all day long! :(
Ah yes, the ruffles/cardigan/belt/necklace action is really working for me here. And red + turquoise is a color combo I have got to try now!
Meagan said…
That blue top looks so cute with that cardigan!
Lydia Marie said…
I noticed all the shoes on sale at Target too! Unfortunately my size must be really popular so I didn't have any luck there. Love the light blue and red together!

Shopping and Spreadsheets
Anonymous said…
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