like sunshine on a cloudy day

cardi: old navy. top: loyale. pants: gap. shoes: big buddha. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

i wore this outfit about 2 weeks ago, but i wore a very similar one today so i thought it would be good to post this now. it's been particularly dreary out here lately (but i suppose that's business as usual in SF during the summer) so wearing yellow kind of adds a bit of sunshine to my day.

i took this set of pictures at crissy field after a shoot there. every time i come to crissy field in the summer, there's fog...except you can sunshine streaming through on the marin side of the bridge. it always taunts me, that sun. pfffft.

my friend amy gave me this top because she knew that yellow would suit me. i am a yellow person after all. finny thing is that i haven't bought anything yellow lately because i thought i buy too many yellow things, and have noticed that because of that i have been purchasing an abundance of OTHER colors (i'm talking to you navy blue and coral). what is up with that?!


Meagan said…
This is absolutely adorable! I love everything about this outfit!
dotty said…
the yellow and white combination is such a nice one!
I love this yellow top! It definitely brightens up the whole outfit. Too cute :)
Anonymous said…
I enjoy yellow a bit too much too haha. But the combination of yellow and gray (those cute pants you have on there) is my weakness. I can never say no to yellow and gray. Great outfit!
Bobbi said…
Love this outfit! I love yellow so much. Great job on your blog design, too! So cute :)

Anonymous said…
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