i'm ready so don't stop

excuse my absence. apparently, doing 30 for 30 sucked out all the "i want to look cute today" outfit mojo out of me, because i have spent most of the last week wearing super uncreative outfits. i think staring at alllll the clothes i have and can finally wear has been overwhelming me. i think it also has something to do with the fact that it has been cold and dreary here and i can barely get myself out of bed every morning because it is cooooold.

seriously, where is the friggin sun? it's august for chrissake.

i am full of excuses lately. but anyhow, i am baaaaack!

i've taken photos of a couple of the ensembles that i've worn lately, so i have a little queue of outfits. here is one...

cardi: anthro. dress + belt: forever 21. leggings: forever 21. shoes: payless. necklace: forever 21.

this is my "i woke up 2 minutes before i usually leave the house and still made it to work on time" look. it took a lot of hustling and running but i made it on time - even i was impressed with myself...although all that running made me realize exactly HOW out of shape i am. this cardi has been getting a lot of wear lately because it's been chilly (gotta love SF summers) and it's cozy. leggings have been getting a lot of wear lately too.

i got this dress about a month ago and i love the stripes. and the fact that it is super versatile AND comfy. and it was only $15. awesomeness. what's funny is that my coworker also got one in a different color, so apparently we are twinsies. haha.

anyways, i should shut up and quit complaining about the weather here because i am sure it will be SUPER hot and SUPER humid once i get to japan in exactly two weeks - i am sooooo excited! i am counting down the days (and especially workdays) until i leave. woot!

someone needs to remind me that i probably need to stop buying cute things to wear when i get there (my excuse is that it's always cold here so i have nothing to wear in hot weather), because i will probably buy tons of cute clothes when i'm actually IN japan.  oh dear.


Anonymous said…
It must REALLY be cold over there, because these look like fall clothes. As a Phoenix desert dweller I for one am filled with envy. Cute sweater by the way :)

Also, I have your Japan problem but in reverse. I am going to Europe in the fall and I know it is going to be pretty cold. I have no idea what I will pack but I suddenly feel like I need lots of scarves, sweaters, and mittens that I will wear for two weeks and then never again... hhhmmm.. Thrifting time perhaps?
Trude said…
You're supposed to shop when you're on vacation! I always save my pennies because I know I'm going to town when I get there. ;) Love that little dress on you, so cute!
kimmie said…
I love knit dresses, so comfy! but I always have the problem of them sticking to my tights/leggings with static. Bugs me to no end :(

Have fun in Japan!! so exciting!
kevin21 said…
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Anonymous said…
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