sweet disposition (15/30)

halfway through the challenge!

cardi: gap. top: banana republic (via crossroads). pants: gap. shoes: target. necklace: forever 21.

excuse the graininess of these photos, but you can't complain when you can still (barely) get photos at 8:45 at night. i had to work late today, and even though i actually didn't have to be there til noon, i couldn't get myself out of bed early enough (apparently sleep > outfit photos, which means i'm getting old) to get these in before i left for work. of course, i had the best intentions, but it ended up being like every other day where i baaaaaarely have enough time to get ready and end up literally running out the door.

anyways. see something missing from my outfit today? yep, i'm wearing no belt. i know you all are shocked, because i can't remember the last time i didn't actually belt my outfit. i actually almost belted this one, but i decided that leaving it as is gave it a more summery, casual feel.

also, remind me next time that i try to wear these shoes to work and stand in them for 8 hours straight, that my feet are crying right now. i thought i could do it, but nope. again, i think i'm getting old.

anyway, here's a recap of this week. i can't believe i made it halfway! (although, i completely failed at the shopping ban part, so i probably shouldn't feel so accomplished. sigh).

notice how i recycle the same 2 poses? yeah, *someone* needs to change it up a little.

so after the top i wore today, i only have two items in my 30 that i have yet to wear. one, i plan to wear sometime this weekend. the other are a pair of heels i threw just in case. i have yet to wear them. i need an occasion to dress up and wear them!

day off tomorrow, then working saturday and sunday, but off on the 4th. i still get paid for it though, woot. nothing will make me happier than that. oh wait, except i'm going to the fair, so deep fried twinkies and turkey legs might. or even better, deep fried butter. say what? it's amazing. trust me (i know you don't believe me, so refer to this post of mine from last year).


emilija said…

You've got a cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?

A Lost Feather said…
deep fried butter? haha.. i didn't know that was possible! it sounds odd, but i believe you that it's good.. deep fried ANYTHING is pretty good in my book :)

your outfit is really cute.. i think #14 is my fav of this week.. adoooooorable!
Trude said…
So cute, love that peachy color on you! I'm the same way now, I used to wear all kinds of crazy heels and now I just don't have the patience (or maybe the stamina?) to hurt for hours. Which is why I keep buying wedges! :) Hope you have an awesome holiday!
hurricanekerrie said…
Yay for not belting... It's liberating sometimes when I hold out on the belt hehe. And it really is difficult to pose, I feel for you. :)
Whitney said…
LOVE these outfits!!!

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