paperweight on my back (21/30)

cardi: anthro. top: anthro. skirt: forever 21. boots: target. tights: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21. earrings: forever 21.

this outfit reminds me of high school - blue and gold were our school colors (go, moors!). anyways, i was feeling the yellow today, so i threw on this skirt. i think this looks better without the cardi, though. i just threw it on because it was freezing when i was getting ready this morning, and i thought it was going to be one of THOSE days. since i put the belt OVER the cardi, i just left it on the rest of the day. what do you think?

stayed up waaaaay too late last night because i've discovered the wonder that is pinterest. the lovely lydia sent me an invite, and i went a little toooooooo crazy (200 pins in 1 day? uhhh. yeah). i was absolutely dying at work today, but it was all worth it because i am super inspired by all the eye candy out there.

i think i am a pinterest addict. step one is admitting that you have a problem, riiiiight?


hurricanekerrie said…
Really, thick tights still in the middle of July? I feel for you, girl. :) But you know what, the best thing about cooler weather is that you get to layer clothes! And what a cute combo you got here!
Natalie Delaine said…
I love your style and your whole blog is adorable. I'm gonna add a link to your blog in my sidebar! :)

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