ooh la (20/30)

twenty down, ten more to go!

cardi: gap. top: thrifted. pants: gap. shoes: target. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21.

this is one of those outfits from my "wore but didn't take pictures of" vault. apparently, i still have a little bit of fourth of july spirit in me. i was going to try to pull off the partially tucked look with my shirt, but i couldn't get it quite right, so i gave up and tucked the whole thing in.

i spent the day around the ferry building...AGAIN...but i tried to find different spots to take my outfit photos. i'm not sure what is up with the weird streaks in the 2nd and 3rd photos, but oh well. i'm suspecting that it *might* have something to do with the fact that i dropped the camera a few weeks back. (should probably invest in a new one).

went to happy hour with my friend melissa afterwards. why is it that happy hour always makes me so...happy? lol.

back to work tomorrow. i had two days off but i STILL feel like i need more time to catch up on things/do what i want. sigh.

oh, and here is a recap of the week:


kileen said…
what a great patriotic outfit for this time of year! and the partially tucked look is something i'm working on too!

cute & little
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Lisa said…
love this outfit the blue and the red is such a gorgeous combo!!!
Jill said…
Yeah, I need that blue shirt.
Cee said…
I immediately thought belated 4th of July when I saw your outfit. High five for patriotic spirit? :) I think you look quite polished with the top tucked in, so no worries, the outfit turned out for the best!

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