no one's gonna love you like i do (25+26/30)

getting close to the end!

cardi: anthro. top: foreve r21. leggings: jaques moret. boots: target. belt: thrifted.

i went to the comfy route yesterday. it's been pretty chilly in SF lately (like, highs in the upper 50s/low 60s), especially in the morning, when it's always foggy and misty! i basically have to drag myself out of bed, and the last thing i want to do is get dressed. in that case, leggings and a cozy cardi tend to do the trick.

cardi: gap. top: the limited. jeans: gap. shoes: target. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21.

only a couple today, because apparently the spot i chose wasn't as empty as it looked, and people kept passing by. it was also super windy. sigh.

this is a rather simple outfit, but it must have taken me 20 minutes to come up with it. i'm at the stage in the 30 where i start getting bored with what i have, and everything seems same 'ol. but only 4 more to go, right? i was trying to pair things with different items than i normally do, like the top with the jeans here. speaking of the jeans, i noticed that i hardly ever wear jeans lately. what is up with that? i used to wear them almost every day!!!

here's a week 5 review:

in other news...i just clicked "buy" for a plane ticket to tokyo tonight. holy crap, i'm actually going!

in oth


Cara said…
Such cute outfits, I'm envious of your ability to wear boots in summer time as I LOVE them! That blue lace top from the Limited is so pretty. :)
Bon Bon said…
Adorable outfits! I love how you pair everything together! AND I'm soooo jealous: TOKYO! Wow wow wow. xoxo
Anonymous said…
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