ninth & ash on a tuesday night (24/30)

cardi: forever 21. top: kensie girl. pants: gap. shoes: payless. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21

it's EBEW yellow day!!!

it's no secret that i love yellow (although, by the way i've been wearing red and blue lately, you wouldn't be able to tell). i'm a yellow people (inside joke at work). my friends always point out the yellow things to me that they think i would like while shopping. i think i probably have too much yellow stuff in my wardrobe, because while shopping with one of my coworkers, she told me "caroline, you are not allowed to buy yellow things anymore."

i obviously haven't listened to her, because i keep gravitating towards yellow, even while i am trying to branch out to other colors in my wardrobe.

so this month's theme was a perfect fit. i paired my favorite yellow cardi, with this polka dot blouse (which has yellow dots on it too, but it's kinda hard to see).

and yes, i DID spend about 20 minutes at borders trying to get my outfit pics. if you haven't already been judging me by now, you probably are after seeing these pictures. in my defense, i had dinner with my coworker and since it was getting super late, it was either a) take them at borders since i had to go there anyway, or b) no outfit pics at all. which would've been a shame because i wanted to show off my yellow!!

i am surprised i didn't get discovered, because THAT would've been super embarrassing. but bookshelves make an excellent tripod and hiding spot for your camera, and i came to find out that the children's section is pretty much deserted at 9:30 on a tuesday night. just sayin'.


Jill said…
HA! I am getting a real kick out of these pics. Borders -- who knew?! I actually LOVE this as a backdrop. Must try.
Ooh I love yellow too! I never knew about this before! You look lovely!
Very cute! Love the blouse :)
Eli said…
oooh very cute! I'm also liking your craft fair finds and photos from the post below :)

Also,I'm a librarian so I'm loooving all the books with you
Anjela said…
lovely photos :) such a neat spot!
you look great :)
Anonymous said…
Hehe, I love your yellow sweater- one can never own too much yellow. And that is an adorable photo shoot location! ;)
Lydia Marie said…
This was such a cute place to take pictures! I love the one where you're standing in front of all the yellow 'for dummies' books.

Shopping and Spreadsheets
Cait said…
These pictures are so cute, the library is the perfect backdrop. And I love your yellow cardi!
Meagan said…
Those jeans are so cute!
Cathy said…
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