love is like a sunset (22/30)

cardi: gap. dress: forever 21. leggings: jaques moret. shoes: payless. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21. headband: h&m.

there i go with the red and blue again. what i can i say - it's foolproof. you just know they go together. like PB&J.

you know what else is foolproof? i cannot count how many time i've worn a variation of this exact same outfit since i bought this dress earlier this year. seriously, a jersey dress + leggings + this cardi = soft and super comfy. i'm surprised i didn't wear this earlier in my 30.

today was one of those "i really should get out of bed now, but i really don't wanna" mornings. hence, the foolproof outfit. hence, the vintage post-processing because i took my photos at 8:45 pm. i really should take my pics before i leave for work on days i work late. oh well.


I'm totally a red and blue addict, too, don't worry ;) And you are reminding me with this cute outfit that I reaaaaally need to replace my grey leggings before fall b/c they are super stretched out!
cute outfit & blog!
I absolutely love this! The red and blue are lovely - love the pattern on the dress!

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