lead my skeptic sight (16/30)

top: forever 21. skirt: bcbg (thrifted). shoes: h&m. necklace: forever 21.

hello, july. you sure snuck up on me!

it's actually starting to feel like summer this fourth of july weekend. i am going to try and soak up every single little bit of this sun, because ten bucks says the fog will be back.

sometimes i feel like i should just get myself a SAD lamp so i will quit complaining about the fog.

anyway, pretty simple outfit today, including my favorite bird tunic, which i decided to tuck under a skirt instead of wearing over skinny pants or leggings. i quite like it. i threw on my favorite red peep-toes for a pop of color.

day off today, so i met up with my friend (and former co-worker) vanessa. she's like my goodwill buddy, so we hit up the ginormous goodwill downtown. at one point, i literally had 20 items in my basket (it was overflowing!), but i managed to narrow it down to like 5 things and only do about $20 of damage. it's funny because every time i go thrifting, i unintentionally pick out a color palette and all my items end up being those colors. today's colors were red, purple and pink. picked up a few button-ups and a short-sleeve cardi.

i also tried to go shopping at the mall because the sales tax in california went down a percent and is now a whopping 8.5% and because of the 4th of july sales. i must have been tired or something though because i didn't walk out with anything (except a couple things i needed at sephora). lord knows it wasn't because i have willpower!

it's probably a good thing i am working most of the weekend so that i won't be tempted to go back and look again. and thank god i don't work in a mall anymore.

anyways. in other news, here is a scrapbook page to share. this is for the sketch challenge this week at two peas, which i'm hosting.

sigh. these pictures make me miss austin (and reyanna). i wanna go back one day - maybe for SXSW or ACL!


kileen said…
i love these paperbag shorts and the drapey necklace is perfect with it! and it sounds like you had a great time thrifting today!

enjoy the long weekend. :)

cute & little
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jo said…
Love your self portraits and style, girlie! Such an inspiration! You should link up to What I Wore Wednesday over at http://thepleatedpoppy.com/category/what-i-wore/ !

I'm just not that stylish (or self confident!) to actually get in front of the camera! Ha!
Anonymous said…
I love that skirt- it's adorable! It is very hot here too (in Maryland). I think I'd rather have the fog! ;)

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