i know who i want to take me home

first off - i saw friends with benefits over the weekend, and i can't get that stupid "closing time" song by semisonic out of my head. arghhhh. hence, the post title.


i met up with jenny again over the weekend and she photographed my outfit/demanded me to play along with her crazy ideas. LOL. just kidding. but she wanted to play around with some vintage-style shots, and i did pose for her.

my outfit...

all photos by jenpics photography.
dress: h&m. leggings: forever 21. coat: borrowed. shoes" target. necklace: forever 21. sunglasses: hand-me-down. headband: h&m

is it sad that i already have my next outfit, location AND concept planned out for the next time i see her??? and the time after that? 

maybe a little. hah.

this was my first set of outfit photos since i finished my 30 (i took a little break from looking cute for a few days), that i was so excited to be done and threw on my newest purchase: the polka dot dress. just a note that i should probably never be allowed to wear white, because when i came home, i noticed that i had lip gloss stains all over me. what the...?! argh.

so i threw on some heels again, and i actually was able to stay in them all day without them bothering me...i was still in these when i went out to dinner that night! these are probably my favorite pair of heels (not that i own very many, but still) for that reason. maybe i can eventually train myself to wear heels more often? it would help because i am SHOOOORT.

FINALLY saw harry potter over the weekend. i cried. but it was a wonderful end to the entire series...now i need to re-read all the books again! also saw friends with benefits which was cute. toured a chocolate factory for work today.

no complaints at the moment.


Lynzy said…
Loving your polka dotted dress, so adorable on you!
xo Lynzy
I want to see that film! Hopefully it's as good as the trailer makes out to be haha! :) Love the dress btw!
Trude said…
Love all the different B&W combos! Such cute photos, she did a great job! :) I'd say just go with wedges all the time, that's what I do because I seem to have lost my patience for heels except for special occasions. ;)
Brookelyn said…
love your outfit and gorgeous photos!
Jen said…
I had SO much fun shooting! i want to do more of these JenPics Jam Sessions :) that's what i'm going to call em.
You look hot!

And thanks, now I have that song stuck in my head! :)
HAhaha I definitely laughed out loud at the lip gloss stains. How?? is right ;) But these shots are SO FUN, and you look great in the blacks and whites!
sarah said…
argh! song stuck in my head, haha!

I like your look on the 3rd photo. I think the best image for you is being hot and sexy.
Cheers, Selena
Anonymous said…
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