hope dangles on a string (28+29/30)

soooooo close to the end!

cardi: forever 21. tops: forever 21. pants: gap. shoes: payless. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

i was on my lunch break at work when i realized that this outfit was super heavy on the forever 21 items - hah. excuse the crappy picture, but this is the only snap i got of it all day. this is in the courtyard of this stationery store near work. i think i will go back one of these days for another set of outfit pics because those banners are AWESOME (hence, i asked my coworker to take a pic of me with it). hung out with my coworker after work, and we went...shopping! it's ridiculous because i keep trying to buy cute clothes to wear on my japan trip (it's gonna be hot & humid and i don't have appropriate clothes, yadda yadda), but we all know that i am going to end up buying a ton of clothes while actually IN japan. sigh.


cardi: wetseal. top: mine. skirt: urban outfitters. shoes: rocketdog. belt: forever 21. earrings: charlotte russe.

i really like grey + coral/salmon pink together. i also like the navy with that pink, so i added that skirt. the weather has been schizo lately, and while it was freezing with high in the high 50s/low 60s all last week, it has been in the low to mid 70s this week. anyways. i hardly wear my hair up because i prefer how i look with my hair down, but i decided that i wanted to sleep in an extra 20 minutes instead of dealing with my hair, so i threw it up in a bun. my hair is also starting to get super heavy again (argh), so it might be time for another haircut soon. definitely before going to japan - can't take this weight in that hot & humid weather over there.

one more outfit to go - i think i might actually break out those heels (aka the last unworn item in my 30) for the occasion. gasp. i know you all are shocked.


Trude said…
Ooo love that coral/grey/navy color combo! Looks beautiful on you! And I really like your hair up too. :)
Coool ! You look so sophisticated with your hair up :)
Bri said…
I love both of these outfits! Especially the second one. The color combo is fantastic! And I love how colorful your cardigans are--they really make the outfits pop! :)


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