fake empire (27/30)

as i near the end, i keep skipping days. this should actually be #28, but i was unimpressed with my original #27, so i didn't really make an effort to photograph it.

anyways, for the new 27, i got photographed in a field. and then with balloons. oooooh yes.

cardi: gap. dress: forever 21. boots: target. tights: target. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21.

i decided that i am liking red and pink/coral together, so i decided to go with the red cardi today. i also have no idea where my grey leggings went. seriously grey leggings, where oh where have you gone?? it was a nice day here but i wasn't sure if i could get away with bare legs even with boots, so i opted for tights. i am quite excited for the fall stuff to hit stores so that i can stock up on different colors of tights, because apparently i only have 3 pairs right now and i have been wearing them quite often lately.

i had a SUPER FUN shoot today. she is also a reader of my blog (hi teresa!), and knew i probably needed photos of my outfit today, so she snapped a couple for me. yay :) she also incorporated balloons in her shoot, which made me squeal with delight because i have been DYING to do a shoot with balloons for AGES! so much that i asked her if she could snap more photos of my outfit, but with the balloons. unfortunately, we were shooting near the beach and the wind was making the balloons go crazy, so they wouldn't do what we wanted them to do! grrr. and they flew away soon after we tied them down to a bench while we went to shoot some other sets. FAIL.

other fun things this weekend...two words: PARTY TROLLEY.

dress: target. coat: forever 21. headband: h&m. necklace: unknown.

how often can you say you went on a party trolley?! it was suuuuuper fun! the theme for the night was "roaring 20s," and this was the closest thing i had to that so i went for it. unfortunately, it's been freeeezing here in SF, especially while the trolley was in motion. and so i kept my coat on most of the time.

good weekend. except for the fact that someone had "used" my debit card somewhere in sacramento, grrrr.


Ha, well now I need to get myself onto a party trolley at some point in my life, b/c I can't imagine anything more fun. Although this outfit in that field with those balloons comes close.. ;)
Trude said…
So cute, hooray for balloons! Sounds like an awesome weekend, except for the fraud. Grr.
Teresa said…
Love the balloon pictures (both while we were taking them and now on screen!) I can't wait to see how the rest turned out.

Thanks again for a fun day!
Really neat....LUV the balloons !

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