don't make me a target (30/30)

oh yes, the grand finale!!!

top: thrifted. skirt: bcbg (via goodwill). shoes: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

so i unintentionally threw on an almost entirely thrifted outfit (everything except the necklace), and i realized today was thrift day over at EBEW - yay! :)

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

today also marks the end of my 30 for 30! i made it! the last week or so has been a struggle to keep motivated, but i made it through the end. i even threw on the pair of heels that was the last unworn item in my 30. hooray!

also cool today - i got to meet the lovely jessica from what i wore

my friend alice works for shop it to me, which sponsored her book signing here in SF. i wouldn't have known about it except for the fact that she emailed me about it this morning (i am super behind on my blog reading, and i read through a reader so i would've missed the banner on her site!), and thank goodness she did. jessica is super lovely in person - so sweet and definitely stylish - how fabulous is that dress! she told me that she loved my outfit (and said so in writing when she signed my book - holla!). :)

i've only flipped through her book, but i can't wait to dive in and read it!

to conclude this post, here's a review of all 30 outfits:

i really enjoyed the fact that this challenged pushed me to be creative with what i have...but boy, am i happy to have the rest of my closet back. and to wear all the new items i've bought, since i completely failed at the shopping ban thing. siiiiigh.


Shelby said…
Congrats on completing your 30 for 30! Such cute outfits! Thanks for stopping over at my blog and taking time to comment!
Anonymous said…
Wow, I love all 30 of your looks! Nice work! It feels so good to be done doesn't it?
Trude said…
So cute! Go you for following through with the challenge, and thanks for the inspiration! :)
Amanda said…
Saw your outfit on EBEW so cute!!! really like your style!
Yeah!!!!!!! Excellent, congratulations! Luv the collages...can't wait to collaborate, tomorrow :)
Liza Nelle said…
congrats on the 30 for 30 and with such great thrifted pieces too!
Nice job on finishing 30/30. I couldn't do it! <3
Audrey said…
Congratulations on finishing! Looks great! I've got two looks left until I finish and I can't wait.

Audrey @ Putting Me Together
Beautiful shirt and love your smile! You are so lucky to meet Jessica.

Anonymous said…
Congrats on finishing your 30 for 30! Very cute shirt :)
I love the print of your thrifted top (score!) and am super jealous that you got to meet Mrs. Quirk!
Angie Delarie said…
Congrats I love all ur clothes! well done!

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