crimson and clover (23/30)

cardi: gap. dress (worn as top): cotton candy. skirt: urban outfitters. boots: target. tights: target. necklace: forever 21. headband: yes and yes designs.

excuse the fact the i've worn the same colors for the last 3 posts. this 30 for 30 is also turning into the "let's see how many times i can wear red, white and blue before i get sick of it" challenge. in my defense, i did wear a 30 for 30 outfit yesterday that consisted of OTHER colors. the only problem was that it never got photographed. and i bwill definitely be wearing something yellow tomorrow for EBEW. so, there!

like my headband? i do too. i picked it up at the renegade craft fair yesterday. i chose that particular one because it had the 3 colors i seem to wear most, so it can go with almost everything i wear.

renegade was pretty awesome. seriously, so much eye candy and must-haves everywhere i looked. i only managed to buy 2 things since i am on a serious budget right now (homegirl needs to save up to go to japan next month), but i wanted EVERYTHING...if only money grew on trees. or sugar daddies were easy to find. right?

some photos of goodies that i snapped...
(l-r: headbands from yes and yes designs, fabric-covered button ponytail holders from cookie and the dude, rings from sora designs, fabric necklaces from homako designs (i was gonna get one. then i forgot).

i can't remember where any of these are from, but they looked cool, so...yeah.

it also made me reeeeeaaaally want to pick up sewing and jewelry making. because i have sooooo many ideas for things i want to make...but so many ideas, so little time. oh well, it's something on my 27 before 27 list.

we went to dinner at izakaya sozai afterwards. oh yes, deliciousness!

how was your weekend?


Lydia Marie said…
That headband is so cute! Sounds like a fun weekend

Shopping and Spreadsheets
Trude said…
You have stronger willpower than me, only walking out with 2 things! I was planning on going to the LA one this weekend, but it's also Carmageddon soooo I might avoid the freeways...
Lisa said…
adore your outfit!! you have such a cute smile! the background is so gorgeous i love the cute colorful houses!
Brookelyn said…
I'm in love with your red polka dot top! So sweet.
I envy that willpower~
You look lovely.♥
Nnenna said…
Your outfit is really cute- total inspiration for a cute work look! :) Also, the renegade craft fair sounds amazing- I would love to attend one day! :)

star-crossed smile
*reyanna klein* said…
Yay! You went to Renegade! Party!!! I didn't get to go this year because I was in Colorado. Bummer. :-( I will be going to Austin Etsy though. :-D

Also, that headband is SOOOO cute!

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