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pardon the brief interruption to the 30 for 30 outfits today as i am posting something for the everybody, everywear festivities. i didn't really get out of the house much today anyway (except to run errands and i my outfit wasn't all that interesting).

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

i wore this outfit to work sometime last week. i was on a mission to wear stuff i knew i wasn't going to include in my 30 for 30 before the challenge started - the skirt and the cardi in this case. the black lace top *almost* made it into my 30,  but i ended up cutting it in favor of a third dress.

(yes, i thought this skirt required some twirling action).

cardi: old navy. top: h&m. tank: old navy. skirt: old navy. tights: target. boots: target. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21.

this outfit might as well be called the "look what i found on clearance at old navy" outfit because half the stuff i'm wearing here is stuff i found on clearance at old navy. the cardi (which is a tan stripe, i know it's a tad hard to see because it's pretty subtle) was something like $8, the skirt $4, and the tank i wore under the lace top (it NEEDED something under it) was $3.i really love the skirt, though - i love the orange, and the fun ruffles!

i've been loving the lace trend but i haven't actually incorporated much lace into my wardrobe because this is apparently the only lace item i own. shocking, i know! i may have to break my "no shopping during 30 for 30" rule and buy myself some lace!!

i am having a reeeeaaaallly hard time fighting the urge NOT to go shopping anyhow. i blame it on the fact that it's payday on friday and i haven't gone shopping in a while since i used up all my monies to replace my laptop when my old one died last month.


Elle said…
Love the skirt! It is super fun!
Kayla said…
I love all the textures! So wonderful.

Freckles in April
Linda said…
Good work. Your post is making me have itch to hit up Old Navy!
Thanks for joining us at EBEW!
dotty said…
those ruffles are fantastic! great 30/30 look!

dash dot dotty
Trude said…
I'm totally in love with the cardi, but that's because I'm obsessed with them. :) Looks adorable on you!
Stylepint said…
Lace is a very hot trend right now and yet, I haven't quite embraced's too...revealing?! lol. but stay strong with the shopping ban. it'll be over before you know it! =)

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