where no one knows my name (3/30)

cardi: wet seal. top: anthro. pants: h&m. flats: payless. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

it's day 3 of my 30 for 30 challenge, and i've failed in my self-imposed shopping ban.

i walked into gap today to find a father's day gift for my dad, and walked out with a pair of skinny dark pants for myself instead.

the good news is, they were $10 (50% off sale items, holla). the bad news is, i completely fail at self-restraint.

in my defense, the pants i'm wearing in the above photos seem to get bleached every time i'm at work. they have at least 3 bleach spots on them.

sooooo....i think i am gonna cheat (again, i FAIL) and switch out these pants with my new pants.


i got this top from anthro on sale several months ago, and i had yet to wear it even though i have been dying to. this is why i included it in my 30 for 30. i kind of forgot that this is a button-up instead a pull-on top, and hastily threw it over my head this morning, wondering why it was so tight. i also ended up popping off a button, which is when i realized that it was a button-up.

again, FAIL.

i didn't have time to sew it back on before i had to run out of the door, so i just strategically placed a belt over it.

so i was looking through my outfit photos for the day and came across this one:

it proves my point from yesterday. oh well. i had to laugh, though.

in other news, i have the travel bug again. i'm thinking chicago at the end of august (it involves another concert. different band, same story). thoughts?


Ramsey said…
I just read through all the posts on this page...I love your sweet laid back style! And allll of the items in your 30. Seriously, can we switch closets? I do love watching the 30. Even if I am sitting the sidelines this time! Happy wishes!
Anonymous said…
that last picture?? too funny!
good luck with the 30 for 30. so far the outfits are super cute :)
Trude said…
Love that top! Of course it's Anthro. At least it was a button and not a seam - way easier to fix. ;) Love the color combo on you!
maggeygrace said…
Hahahhaah! That picture is hilarious!!!! I wonder what would happen if I caught people behind me watching me take pictures of myself...haha!! I love your sweater. Pink sweaters are crucial to any wardrobe! And white blouses!
I had to click over from google reader to say I'm laughing at the guy you said judging you... he might have actually been checking you out... ;)

anyways, these shots are my favorite of your outfit pics.

hugs sweet girl!
Stylepint said…
Love your cute outfit!

I totally have those moments taking photos. I just learn to smile and wave to them...they're super nice about it. But the craziest was when I saw a dude napping in the car and I was snapping photos a few feet from him and when I was done...he was watching me...so creeper. HAHA. =)
dotty said…
the necklace and belt combination here is genius!

dash dot dotty

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