use somebody (12/30)

i was supposed to have a photo shoot after work today...except it was crazy windy and the fog was rolling rapidly and so we decided to postpone. san francisco, i both love AND hate you.

anyhow. the point is that i was supposed to take photos of someone else, but turned it into a photo shoot of my outfit, of course.

cardi: anthro. top: h&m. jeans: gap. boots: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: vintage.

i then walked over to the palace of fine arts because they are FINALLY done with renovations on the inside and it had been awhile since i'd seen it. it's funny because i cringe every time someone tells me they want to do an engagement shoot there (it's gorgeous but super cliche), yet i ended up taking pictures there. lol.

if you really want to go somewhere where lots of tourists keep walking by and gawking at you taking pictures of yourself, the palace is the perfect spot. i'm just sayin'.

my point & shoot also fell on the ground while taking these, hard. did i mention that it was windy? oh, i did? the lens is dented but miraculously the thing still works. i should probably think about getting a new one though. or getting a tripod and remote for my "real" camera. or both. this is what i should buy with all the money i'm saving with my shopping ban for 30 for 30, right?

oh right. i've been completely failing at that part. don't judge me.


kimmie said…
Oh, you're lucky! Last time my camera blew over in the wind, the lens wouldn't retract anymore and I had to spend $90 to fix it :(

The palace is gorgeous, no wonder couples like engagement shoots there.

Cute outfits! :)
Jill said…
I love the attitude in these pics -- especially the one by the pillars! As for the outfit, I definitely approve.

I would LOVE to get a remote for my camera. Of course, I'd love to get a new camera. My Canon seems to be having electrical issues, so it's always hit or miss when I try to take a photo these days. Argh.
Jill said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jill said…
Urgh. Typo. I meant ONES, rather. :)
hurricanekerrie said…
Well, the Palace photos turned out really nice! (All that gawking aside) I'm sorry about your camera... at least it still works?
Lydia Marie said…
I'm glad your camera is still working! Also I love that ruffled top!

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Hannah Sullivan said…
Ah way cute 30 for 30 challenge! I am doing mine too but I am on day 21! I love how other people put their outfits together! I am your newest follower! have a good day and I cant wait to see the rest of your outfits!
Stylepint said…
LOL. I cringe too about the whole palace of fine arts thing because everyone AND their mothers have taken photos there. It's beautiful, no doubt, just...I'd want to make it look different than everyone else's photos too. Anyways, great outfit and way to go with the challenge! =)

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