twenty six.

and here is my birthday dress/outfit:

dress: forever 21. cardi: gap. heels: thrifted. necklace: forever 21. headband: h&m

i meant to take more photos than this, but five minutes into my photo shoot, it started to pour. OF COURSE.

i went birthday dress shopping with my friend vanessa and couldn't make up my mind after i tried on like five dresses. so i took photos of me in all of them and made her choose one for me. this was "the one." i also got the cardi on sale at gap for somethign like $12 - perfect since i was dying to get myself one in that color!

kicked off my birthday festivities last night with lots of delicious food, great company, and awesome (or not?) karaoke. unfortunately, i've also been under the weather all week and i don't think the karaoke helped, grr. today, we are going to get some afternoon tea and eat fancy little sandwiches with out pinkies pointing up, all while wearing our finest floral outfits. you bet photos will follow.

some snapshots from last night...

truth: i have the best friends in the world.

excuse the abscence as of laptop decided to die on me soon after i returned from seattle so i'd been computer-less! i finally got myself a shiny new one yesterday...happy birthday, self.


Happy Day!
Jill said…
Happy birthday, Caroline!

You all look like you're having a blast! I love that outfit, BTW!
erin said…
Happy birthday! Adorable outfit!
Keshet said…
Happy late birthday, Caroline! Love the dress! 26 is coming up in August for me, too:)
Trude said…
Woohoo new computer! And that dress is absolutely adorable, love how you accessorized it! So glad you had such an awesome birthday. :)

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