this holiday review

my friend alice says i have a signature outfit: cardi, dress, leggings (or tights), belt, boots and necklace.

you know, something like this:

cardi: urban outfitters. dress: forever 21. leggigs: jaques moret. boots: target. belt: forever 21. necklace: forever 21.

i suppose this is true. i just have to say: when you are in a rush in the morning/too lazy to think about what to wear, throwing on a dress + cardi + leggings (since it is still cold here) + boots, and adding a belt and necklace is the easy, foolproof way to get dressed.

it's funny because every time i throw such an outfit on, my coworkers tell me i look cute. or ask me if i have a date.

HA - i wish!!! nope, just me being lazy.


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