skinny love (13/30)

rocking the neutrals again today. i know y'all are shocked.

cardi: h&m. top: anthro. skirt: bcbg (thrifted). boots: target. tights: target. necklace: forever 21.

this outfit looks like something one would wear in the fall, not summer. but i live in san francisco, where it doesn't feel like summer. in fact, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. rain. at the end of it just me, or is something wrong with this picture?

i am actually kinda looking forward to fall. mostly because there are a bunch of concerts that i want to go to (two door cinema club, bon iver, and yes, jimmy eat world - AGAIN. and death cab). and it actually kinda gets warm here in the fall.

anyways. i got to soak up some sun while it lasted yesterday. a few friends and i headed over to summerthing - it's a free concert in golden gate park. this year, the lineup included onerepublic (who were really good), and matt nathanson (whom i freaking love, partly because he is sooooo damn hilarious), michelle branch (who reminded me of my high school days), and parachute.

all-around fun day. )and yes, i skipped my 30 for 30 and thew on a summery dress because i felt like it).


Jill said…
It's awesome that you're sticking to the challenge (for the most part -- you look AMAZING in yellow, so that doesn't count as cheating).
dotty said…
i heart how you rock neutrals! this outfit is particular has so many great details that it has a lot of visual interest!

dash dot dotty
Lydia Marie said…
That yellow dress and cardigan is so cute! The concert sounds like it was a blast!

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Fashion Addict said…
I think the most beautiful thing about your whole outfit is a your wonderful smile! It really brightens the picture. :) And I think your outfit is cute too. Keep on smiling.

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