orange sky (9/30)

the fog + wind + chilliness is back here (yes, i do talk about the weather a lot), so i only lasted 5 minutes of outfit photo-taking before i had to put my coat back on.

top: forever 21. leggings: jaques moret. shoes: payless. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21

i still love this bird tunic. and i threw on leggings with it again, and i went with the noisy necklace. i kinda like the mix of neutrals here - i'm surprising even myself that i am wearing like no color here!!!

that belt got turned sideways somehow and i didn't notice it til now, but i kinda dig it.

i am having a really hard time thinking about what to wear tomorrow, because i really, REEEEEAAALLY need to do laundry and my options are starting to get slim. anyone wanna do my laundry for me? i'll pay you in chocolate!


Lisa said…
so cute!! i love your bird tunic it's adorable on you!

thanks for your well wishes hon :) i'll miss san francisco :(
Style Journey said…
Your bird tunic is adorable! And your necklace is awesome!
Ramsey said…
I will trade you here and now. My weather for yours. Really. Love the tunic!
dotty said…
the mix of neutrals here is perfection! i like how you added sophistication to a leggings+tunic outfit with the flats, belt, and necklace! it's a fantastic look!

dash dot dotty
Lydia Marie said…
I really love the tunic with the leggings! And I totally feel you on the laundry, if you find someone tell them I'll find chocolate to pay them too!

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Jill said…
This outfit looks so great on you!

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