oh simple thing, where have you gone? (10/30)

cardi: gap. top: thrifted. jeans: gap. shoes: h&m. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

i snapped two of these during a slow period while i was all alone at work today. don't judge me. but i was running late this morning and thought it would probably be took dark for photos after i got off, so i had to squeeze these in somehow.

one of these was snapped outdoors after work, though, best part of june? it's still light enough, albeit barely, to be able to snap a couple of pictures without flash when you get off work at 8:30.

this is as laid back as i get: cardi, button down, jeans, flats. of course i threw in the belting, because that apparently makes it a signature outfit for me.

anyways. i can't believe i am 1/3 of the way through the 30 for 30. i skipped a recap of the first 5 outfits last week, so here is the first 10 combined:

i'm noticing a lot of similarities between the outfits. for example, i throw on a cardigan over almost every outfit (a necessity here!), and i belt almost everything. but i have been mixing it up as well. i have been trying to wear some thing differently than i'm used to wearing.

i've worn almost everything in my 30 at least once. there are a couple of things i haven't worn yet, and they will probably be worn tomorrow since i STILL need to do laundry. i'm gonna ask again if anyone wants do it for me? again, i will pay you in chocolate. delicious chocolate!

i'm also wondering why i included a pair of heels in my 30, because i hardly wear them? i think i threw them in there juuuuuust in case. i am determined to wear them at least once!

oh, and i apparently left out this pic 3 skirts of my 30 when i posted all the items from my 30, so i am just gonna post them now:


Ramsey said…
Love the poppin' red shoes! Red shoes in general steal my heartstrings. And cardis. I think I'm just in love with that word.
Oh man, you are a 1/3 of the way through already? Jealous. I have no idea where I'm at but I know it ain't that far :) Looking lovely, Christine! I need to borrow your polka dot blouse!
Audrey said…
Ahh, those skirts are so cute.

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