a mastermind in time (2/30)

cardi: gap. dress: cotton candy (via ambiance). belt: thrifted. shoes: payless. necklace: forever 21

so i've had this cardi for about 2 weeks now (it's supposed to be a pale mint green, by the way. the color does not photograph well). i've worn it maybe 3 times now, and i've put it through the wash alreadsy. today, while at the bank for work, i noticed the guy standing at the next window staring at my side. i got all self-conscious, then reached for my side when i felt this plastic thing. it was the security tag.

um, how did i not notice this until now?

i headed back to work, all embarrassed, and finally pried it off with a pair of pliers because i was determined not to head back to gap to have them do it for me. it left a miniscule hole, but oh well.

anyhow. i am trying to take outfit photos in places other than my backyard (although most of the time, i'm too lazy to figure out another place to do it except there), but i needed to hit up japantown after work today so i took these there. i'm starting to get sort of good at finding somewhat hidden spots that i can take my pics at where a bunch of people won't stare at me thinking "who is this weird girl taking pictures of herself?" i'm always scared that someone is going to end up discovering me even in my hidden spot and start judging me. because if i were some person randomly passing by and finding me taking pictures of myself, i would judge me. lol.

so i hit up daiso while at j-town. it's basically an awesome japanese dollar store (well, almost everything in there is $1.50. in japan, everything is $1). that store is like target. you go in for one thing, and you end up throwing a million things in your cart that you don't need. it's like crack.

oh well, at least i got myself some organizers and plastic baskets that i really needed.


Jill said…
That dress! I love it!
hurricanekerrie said…
Lols about the cardi. I haven't come out with the security tag still on but with the sticker things they put on there and price tags? Way too many times. lols. Yup, I'm one of those people that don't wash their clothes after buying it from the store.

I love the color of your dress. I need more red dresses.
*reyanna klein* said…
Love this outfit! Super cute! And you are VERY silly for keeping that security tag on there. But I can totally see you doing that! LOL. :-p
maggeygrace said…
That dress is so pretty!!! I love the print, too. You just POP!

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