let it happen (7/30)

it was 84 degrees here in san francisco today. EIGHTY FOUR degrees, people! this almost never happens here, except for one or two days each year. we are used to foggy summers, not temps in the mid-80s. i almost don't know how to dress myself when it gets this warm!

it's funny because i grew up in LA, and 84 is normal over there. so are 100 degree days in the summer. in two years, my definition of hot and cold have definitely changed dramatically - i now think 60 is "normal" and 70 is "hot."

anyways. my day started bright and early at 8am because i had a shoot before work at crissy field. it was super hot even at that hour! i had a little bit of time to kill before i had to be at work, so i tried to take some outfit pics there, but the lighting failed me.

it was so warm that my boss thought there wouldn't be much to do, so he let me go an hour early. i decided to take advantage of the sun, but ended up downtown and took the rest of my outfit shots in a random alley near my old workplace.

top: h&m. skirt: bcbg (thrifted). shoes: rocket dog. necklace: forever 21. earrings: charlotte russe.

detail shot of my shoes:

i threw on this outfit because...it was the first thing that i could think of at 6:30 am? haha. i needed a short sleeved top so that i didn't need to put a cardi on top of it, and i knew i wanted to wear a skirt instead of pants. probably not the best attire to be wearing while trying to snap photos while chasing around a one-year old baby, but oh well.

apparently, i looked very business-like, because when i walked into work my boss said "why are you dressed all business-like?" haha.

day off tomorrow. i think it will involve the beach. my boss always talks about how he is going to the beach on his days off when it's warm, and i point out that it always gets warm right before i have a day off, but when i finally don't have to work it gets cold again. not this time!


suzanne said…
those shoes are so cute! dots & bows?? sign me up!

awkwardly chic
Trude said…
Sooo cute! Love that top on you! Must've been the button down that made you all "business-y". :)
Audrey said…
Cute! I like the bow on the skirt with the ruffles on the shirt.


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