faced with a dodo's conundrum (11/30)


well, my "friday" is technically tomorrow since i tend to work saturdays and have sundays off. but i like fridays - they go by super fast! add the fact that i got to go shopping for work (shopping and spending someone else's monies? FUN!) - am helping out at setting up the window displays at out store. AND my promotion is now OFFICIAL official, which means my pay raise is kicking in - holla!!!

cardi: forever 21. top: the limited (thrifted). pants: gap. shoes: rocket dog. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21.

it's easy to pull together an outfit when you haven't done laundry and you are only limited to like 3 things in your 30 - well. maybe. i ended up throwing on a cardi (because i allow myself to wear those a couple times before washing them), but i was down to like two tops. i like the color on this one.

but don't you worry...i'll be back to stumping myself with all my options, because i am doing laundry as i speak (type? whatever).

on a side note - my post title is from a shins song ("australia," to be specific). anyone miss them as much as i do? they are one of my all-time favorite bands. i think james mercer is a genius. they are playing outside lands here this year - i reeeeeeaaaaaalllllly wanna go (especially because muse and arcade fire are also playing).


hurricanekerrie said…
Congratulations on your promotion! That should make things more interesting, eh?

Lovely color combo.
I'm so sorry you have to work on Saturdays. Ick, ick, ick.

You look peachy as always, if it helps. xo
Nnenna said…
You got to go shopping for work?! That is awesome! What do you do? Also, congratulations on your promotion!

star-crossed smile
Trude said…
Woohoo pay raise! Congrats girl! Love that color combo on you, and that first shot is magical. :) (You know how much I love the flare!)
Christy said…
love, love, LOVE that first photo!

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