extrasupervery (4&5/30)

didn't get a chance to post yesterday's outfit, so doing a double outfit post today.


cardi: gap. top: kensie girl. skirt: urban outfitters. boots: target. necklace: forever 21.

i had to go into work earlier than usual yesterday (fridays are my early days). usually, it's pretty cold and foggy at 8am and i am FREEZING, but it was pretty warm yesterday so i decided it was a skip tights/leggings day.

after work, i had a shoot in golden gate park (my first in awhile - i almost forgot how it feels to be behind the camera, lol). of course, by the time i left work, the fog had started rolling and it was freezing AND windy. just my luck. pfft.

funny/embarrassing story behind the skirt: i was supposed to have dinner with a couple of my old coworkers on one of my days off, a few weeks ago. i decided to kill some time downtown near my old workplace by shopping - i think i was lured by an anthro sale, because that's where i found myself. i dropped something, bent down to pick it up when i heard "riiiiiiiiiiip." that didn't sound good to me, so i looked at my backside - there was a hole in my skirt. i quickly tied my jacket around it, and since i didn't find anything that tickled my fancy/went with my outfit at anthro (but i think i ended up buying the cardi from the next outfit), i headed over to urban and found this skirt in the sale section. good for me because i had been looking for a dark pencil skirt. i the price tag said $19.99 or something, but when they rang it up, it came up as $9.99. sah-weet.

this is today's outfit:

cardi: anthro. dress: forever 21. leggings: jaques moret. shoes: rocket dog. necklace: forever 21.

got to sleep in today, but i was still pretty tired and knew it would be a crazy day at work, so i wanted to throw on something comfy. hence, the leggings/dress/cozy cardi combo.

i've been getting a lot of compliments on my necklaces lately from customers, including these two. the one i wore yesterday has been a big hit. wanna know a secret? all but maybe 2 of my necklaces are from forever 21. you can't beat super cute necklaces for like $7 a pop!

anyways. day off tomrorow. whatever shall i do? so many things i WANT to do that it's hard to choose! lol.


Heather said…
cute outfits :) Love your necklaces too, can't beat pretty & cheap costume jewellery!
Ramsey said…
Jealous jealous jealous of that skirt find! I can't wait to make my way back to Urban. Not that I am supposed to be spending there or anything. Right. I wish I could wear boots here. But there my sad little boots sit in the closet. Begging for a cool streak.
Can I pleeeeeeease have your wardrobe? :)
hurricanekerrie said…
I love that polka dot top (or are those cherries?!? Double jealous!) And what a deal on your skirt! I love being surprised by an extra discount on an already sale-priced item. :)
dotty said…
i really like your use of long cardigans...they look so warm and cozy!

and i am so with you on forever21 necklaces! they're the perfect price for fun accessories, so i don't feel bad about buying something super trendy.
Lydia Marie said…
Sweet deal on that skirt! And ripping that skirt you had on sounds like my worst nightmare...I did that with a pair of jeans once, I can't imagine how it would have been if I didn't have a jacket too to wrap around!

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Christy said…
Besides both of these outfits being adorable, I absolutely LOVE the backdrop, something about the whitewashed walls, the bright green grass and the sculptural pots. So alluring!

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