come on get higher (8/30)

it's hot here. as in, i wore something sleeveless without a cardigan. *gasp*

tank: forever 21. skirt: urban outfitters. shoes: target. belt: thrifted. necklace: forever 21

two of my old coworkers asked me if i had lost weight. i think that makes this outfit a winner.

these pics were snapped all over the place, because i literally was all over the city today (hooray for being able to enjoy a day off in the sun). started off my day in SOMA, where i had delicious chicken & waffles for lunch at little skillet, and enjoying a cup of iced coffee from blue bottle.

(this is an old phone pic that i snapped last time i was there)

i then headed over to the mission because i was craving ice cream. i ended up at humphry slocombe, where i happily consumed the secret breakfast. what's that? bourbon + corn flakes. oh yes, you heard me right. it's DELICIOUS.

then headed to painted bird, which i knew was super nearby. i failed at my shopping ban AGAIN (thank god there are no rules for this round because i would be breaking ALL OF THEM) and got myself a pair of vintage boots for $10. among other things. but who buys knee-high boots in 85 degree weather? oh right. i do. (but it was back to foggy as usual tonight, so, i guess it wasn't that ludicrous after all).

anyways. i then headed over to the marina, kidnapped one of my coworkers, and headed to happy hour. you can't go wrong with $2 beers and munchies. headed home for a second, then went to my old workplace to meet up with my old coworkers to go to rosamunde. sausages (and beers), holla! it was delicious. and we laughed about lots of things.

i love my new coworkers, but man, the one thing i do miss about working in the mall is the people i used to work with.

the end.

oh, and expect a fun scrappy announcement+giveaway tomorrow.


dotty said…
that print on your top is fabulous! what a perfect item for your thirty!

dash dot dotty

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