tuesday, wednesday break my heart

this is what i wore yesterday:

cardi: forever 21, top: thrifted, skrit: h&m, tights + boots: target. belt: thrifted

yes, that is laundry hanging on a clothesline that you see in the background. my landlady apparently was drying her sheets and blankets when i went out to the backyard to take my outfit photos, and i liked how they looked so i just went ahead and used them as a background. don't judge me. i'm just glad that she didn't come outside while i was taking the photos, because that would've just been awkward. super awkward. just sayin'.

so i got this top at out the closet for half off and it ended up being less than $3. out of the thrift stores that i stop into, i tend to find the best deals at out the closet. i love this city because it has so many thrift stores in general, but i have the best luck at out the closet. the cardi is a yellow one that i FINALLY hunted down after looking for one forever! i wear it, like, all the time now. don't judge me. the skirt was pretty cheap from h&m, and is super soft and comfy.

i was hoping to go another day without having to wear tights, but when i was getting dressed for work in the morning it was super cold. pfffft. they lied to me - AGAIN!

anyways. this is what i wore today:

cardi: express. dress: esley (via ebay). boots: target. necklace: forever 21 .

my boss thought that i had a date today because i came to work "dressed up." nope, this is my lazy outfit. well, actually i noticed that i have been wearing a dress or skirt to work every day for almost a week.

besides, it actually was super warm today. i wore the boots instead of flats because when i checked weather.com to see how warm it was at the moment right before i left the house, they said it was 61 degrees. i went outside, and nope, it was not 61 degrees. THEY LIED TO ME AGAIN! it's kind of like a bad boyfriend that i keep turning to. anyways. today was one of those rare san francisco days when it was actually HOT (but by hot, i mean it was  in the mid 70s or so). it's funny because i grew up in LA and mid 70s was actually "nice" (conversely, i thought 65 was "cold." don't judge). now the SF fog has skewed my thinking and i think mid 70s is HOT. i don't know how i'll ever survive 100 degree summers in so-cal again. good thing i don't plan on moving back - ever, if i can avoid it.

i actually took this photos on campus today. i didn't even have class today. i had to pick a secluded spot so i wouldn't get strange looks as i was taking these shots. i think i succeeded.

i got this dress on ebay. i have been finding some cute stuff on there sometimes - for pretty cheap! when i saw this dress - i love the colors, and the wrap detail of the top half - i knew i had to have it. it was something like $15 - score!

also, i know that i tend to wear the same three, very flat, shoes like 90% of the time. this is because my job requires me to stay on my feet all day (and i can't wear open-toed shoes). i have found that i have exactly three pairs of shoes that allows me to do this comfortably. if i have a shorter shift, i will sometimes branch out. i think i need to go shoe shopping. for more comfy, cute shoes!

in other news - i realized that i turn 26 in exactly a month from today. yikes. this year has just gone by waaaaay too fast!!


Jill said…
I know what you mean about the shoes! I've been trying to "spiff" up my look, but the reality of being a teacher on my feet all day long doesn't make staying "spiffy" very easy -- and there's NO WAY I could introduce heels into that mix.

I LOVE the skirt in the first pic.
Brookelyn said…
I love the yellow cardigan you have on, such a fun bright color! And so funny about the landlady's laundry!
burgundy boots said…
Super cute boots! And the yellow cardi is fab! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Hope you can follow!

amy lapi said…
beautiful! i pinned you! ;)

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