the time i would spend with pictures i would not send

the sun is back here!

cardi: ann taylor (hand-me-down). tunic: forever 21. jeans: gap. boots: target. necklace: forever 21. belt: thrifted.

am i the only one loving bird patterns on clothes lately? i quite adore this top. i almost bought another super cute top with birds on it (with navy blue, pink and purple on it which is another plus!) - i didn't get it at that time, but i am reeeeeally tempted to go back and get it.

but seriously. bird prints. love.

so i decided that i wanted more bolder necklaces so i've been on a statement necklace buying spree (mostly from forever 21, hah).i got this one over the weekend. it was super cheap, and i liked that it was pretty simple (yet bold at the same time) so it went with almost everything.

the only problem? it clinks and makes noise. a lot of noise. sort of like a bunch of tags on a puppy's collar.

every time i walked, it was like i was a puppy. i even started annoying myself after awhile.

i still love it anyhow.

also, what i did this evening: fancy carnie food at straw!!! fried foods, lots of cheese, funnel cake, tater tots, and donut burgers? OH YES PLEASE!!!!!!!

my friends and i split a bunch of stuff, but my favorite thing by far was this chicken & waffles sandwich, complete with raspberry jam.

it was EPIC.


i'm off to seattle tomorrow evening. if anyone has any suggestions on things to go/see/do, pass them along! i am trying to do as much as possible in a very short 2-day span. i have barely had time to think about these things, and i finally started yelping/looking through guidebooks last night.

oh yes, i am a last-minute gal. that's just how i roll.


kileen said…
i love the bird pattern on this top and the red belt totally adds a color punch!

cute & little
Trude said…
I hope you brought that outfit to Seattle, because it's seriously awesome on you! :)
Suchhh a cute top. I LOVE bird prints right now too! xo
Anonymous said…
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