i want my kisses back from you

so i decided that i am going to keep posting outfits on here. deal with it. lol. at least you get TWO posts from me in one week, right?!

shirt: thrifted, skirt: forever 21, belt: thrifted, tights: target, boots; wetseal, necklace: forever 21

oooooh, primary colors. i think this outfit looked better in my head. i think i ended up changing the belt to a brown one later. i got that shirt for something like $3 and thought it made a good combination with that yellow skirt. i had the day off work, but my boss asked me to come in to talk to him about something (we were going to do it saturday, but he wanted to do it sooner if possible), then i went to happy hour and dinner. good day!

cardi: gap, top: forever 21, leggings; jaques moret, heels: target, necklace; forever 21, belt: thrifted

this is my outfit of choice when i'm sleepy in the morning and don't want to think about what to wear: tunic, leggings, and cardigan. easy peasy (and comfy. i heart leggings. the end). i had originally worn flat ankle boots to work, but i decided to change shoes in the middle of the day. kicked things up with a pair of heels. this is like the only pair of heels i can wear and be comfy. i think i need to train myself to handle walking around in heels better.

oh, and i realize that my necklace is messed up, but i was too lazy to fix it and take more photos.

dress: h&m, cardi: urban outfitters, belt: thrifted, boots: target, necklace: vintage

this is what i wore to work yesterday. oooh, bare legs - are you shocked?! it's actually been nice and WARM here in san francisco the last few days, so i finally decided that i didn't need to wear tights or leggings under this dress. this dress is a little dressier than what i'd normally wear to work but i tried to make it a little dressed down with the cardi, boots and belt. plus, i was in a good mood (received some good news this week!), so why not?! my coworkers said i "looked cute." woot.

i also broke the cardinal rule of photography that says "do NOT shoot at high noon," but i was about to run out the door to go to work, sooooo...whatevs.

anyways. just to prove to y'all that i still do talk about scrapbooking (soemtimes), here is a layout i recently did for pink paislee:


Jill said…
That H&M dress is GORGEOUS! I want. ;)
That layout is colorpoptastic. I love. :)
Trude said…
I kinda love the yellow skirt with the blue shirt! And there's absolutely nothing wrong with dressing comfy. :) There's always a way to do it and still look cute!

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