got everything and you can just choose it

i'm behind on outfit photos lately. the fog and wind is back here in SF - it's chilly!!! i think i need to suck it up!!

here is one, though...

cardi: wet seal. top: old navy. skirt: h&m. tights: target. boots: wet seal. necklace: vintage. belt: forever 21

um, is it kinda embarrassing that i still sometimes shop at wet seal and that i have two items from there in this outfit? what am i, 13? don't judge me. they have cute stuff....sometimes.


i love the salmon + navy blue trend i keep seeing and i think i've been wearing it fairly often as well. i love that color combo, though! i added the yellow necklace, which i got at a vintage shop in austin, for another pop of color and a bit of fun.  i love that thing...when i saw it, i knew i had to have it because the yellow was calling my name.

hope y'all had a great mother's day. i didn't get to spend it with my mother since i didn't fly home to LA (i had to work saturday), but i did send her a box of chocolates. and this layout went up on two peas today as part of their connecting with creativity event...

it's kinda crazy how much my mother and i are alike, because i never would've admitted it when i was younger.

anyhow. busy week ahead - last week at my current job...i'm getting transferred next week (and it comes with a promotion). and in 10 days, i will be in seattle! woot!


Sara Shoemaker said…
I really like those boots! cute skirt and top as well :)

House of Shoes
A Lost Feather said…
hehe, i don't think it matters where you shop so long as you an make an outfit your own! i think you look really cute :)

and oh my goshhh.. you work at a chocolate shop? i would probably get fired for eating all the inventory hehe.. sounds like a fun job though!
Katherine said…
Lovely look! I love all the spring colors :) I used to love Wet Seal, it looks like they still have some lovely clothes now :)
Jennyboo said…
The fog is killing me in the city! It started off sunny in the upper haight and then was freezing by the time I got downtown. Why can't the sun be shinning all of the time? And I am loving your outfit. The white textured skirt is just perfect with the bright cardigan. xx
Great outfit and love your smile : )

Promotion-- how exciting!!

You look beautiful, and you have a great smile. ;)
SewPetiteGal said…
Love the colors in this outfit! And am especially in love with the bright pop of yellow!
MissRockwell said…
Hey, I still shop at Wet Seal too-especially when they have the B1G1 for a penny sales. But ONLY then!!! You just gave me an idea and I'm now gonna try salmon and blue! Way to go...I hope the weather gets better over there!

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