doesn't that make us the perfect pair?

my cinco de mayo outfit:

dress: urban outfitters. cardi: gap. boots: target. necklace: forever 21

i didn't wear this outfit to work earlier in the day, but i decided to change into it for dinner and cinco de mayo festivities. of course, when i decided to bare my legs is when it started to get cold again. hmph. i almost never wear my hair up, but somehow i was in a ponytail kinda mood. woot.

i heart this dress. i had spotted it at urban and thought it was quite adorable, but kind of forgot about it until one day i was browsing the sales racks (we have a huge urban downtown that has a huuuuge room full of sale stuff) and found it. it was also an additional 50% off sale items so it came out to less than $10. SCORE. i love when that happens. you can't go wrong with polka dots, strawberries, and cherries, right?

had the day off today, and FINALLY gots my hair did. i kinda love it...

let's just say that i have SUPER THICK hair and that it gets super heavy - fast. it was starting to be a pain the last few months but i couldn't figure out how to cut it, or was busy, or both. finally decided that it was bothering me too much and made an appointment. i only got 2 1/2 inches or so cut off (i told her i wanted to go shorter than that but she said this was a good length, so whatevs), but it feels sooooooo much lighter. i swear i just lost 5 lbs without dieting. awesomeness.

however, all that hair on the floor afterward was pretty crazy. even with only 2 1/2 inches cut off.

cardi: uniqlo. top: thrifted. pants: h&m. shoes: target. necklace: forever 21. 

after that, i stopped into a boutique my friend kept talking about (and bought comfy shoes for work ANDDDD a cuuuute dress on sale. but i'm in trouble because they have SOOOO MUCH CUTE STUFF!), stopped at sephora, stopped into work to get my mom a gift (ooooh, chocolate! never fails), then went to see something borrowed. okay, so that movie got super terrible reviews, but i kinda liked it. my favorite part of that movie? JOHN KRASINSKI. he had the funniest lines. and i adore him.

i could you not love jim on the office? can someone please find me a jim? pretty please?

also, tomorrow is national scrapbooking day. two peas is having a garden project hop, and my layout is a  part of it!

go check out all the fun here, post comments on the projects, and be entered to win a prize!!

anyhow.i should perhaps go to bed now because.


Kari said…
love your haircut and jim ;)

Anonymous said…
That's such a pretty dress!!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair
I love your cinco de mayo dress! The weather has been warming up in San Francisco and I've been pulling out all of my fun sundresses too! There's something so pretty and easy about a great printed dress.
Trude said…
OMG your hair! Love that cut on you! Come down here soon so we can get photos. :) And of course that dress is adorbs, what else would you expect from UO? They put one in the Brea Mall, so dangerous...
hurricanekerrie said…
What?!? That was indeed a score! I love this dress and for the price that you got it, that makes it even more awesome! Lovely.

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