the kids don't stand a chance

the other day, i realized that i had less than two months to go until my 26th birthday (holy crap, this year is going way too fast). which made me think of this layout i did last year, right after i turned 25...

i wanted to see how i was progressing on said list...

1. cook at least once a week.
EPIC FAIL. i almost never cook anymore!

2. do a layout a day for a month.
i haven't done this yet, but i still have 2 months, right??

3. start another photo-a-day project.
i'm doing project 365 again. so far, so good...i made it through the first 3 months, and am continuing into this month!(yes, i do need to post the photos from the last week or so...)

4. go on a REAL vacation somewhere.
DONE - went to austin! just booked a ticket to seattle for the end of may, and toying with the idea of heading to the east coast again (this fall, perhaps?)

5. go to a dodger game - at dodger stadium.
was hoping to do this last summer, and it just didn't work out. am hoping to do it this spring...perhaps i need to schedule my next visit home around the dodgers' schedule, since it always seems like they are NEVER playing at home while i'm in town!

6. organize all my scrapbook stuff in some way that does not involve stacked boxes.
 FAIL. working on this though.

7. learn illustrator.
haven't done this...but i want to! was going to take a class but didn't. next year? this will probably end up on the next list.

8. acquire more camera equipment/upgrade
i'm about to. i just need to pull the trigger.

9. grow photograpically
i'm always trying to push my photography out of my personal comfort zone. i think i've definitely seen it grow the last year, but there's still work left to do...

10. start submitting scrapbook layouts for publication again on a regular basis.
i really, really, really need to do this!!!

11. eat more vegetables.
 fail. i'm trying, though!

12. go to the asian art museum, finally.
 done! i want to go back though, i didn't get to spend nearly as much time there as i wanted to...

13. blog at least once a week.

14. go to a concert. or two. or several.
 ok, this i have succeeded on...i've been averaging one or two shows a month since i started working in august: something corporate, she & him, jimmy eat world (multiple times), matt hires, ingrid michaelson, lifehouse, dashboard confessional, josh ritter, joshua radin, lenka, greg laswell...and others i'm forgetting, i'm sure. coming up in the next few months: the new pornographers, iron&wine...and more!

15. experiment more.
 definitely trying to!

16. re-start my etsy shop.
 ideas brewing my head, very little time to execute them. i need to get moving on this...

17. start skating again on a regular basis, and re-learn spinning.
 i NEED to get in a groove again, but it's hard!!

18. play with the diana.
 FAIL. i still haven't finished an entire roll of film, yet.

19. make friends.
SUCCESS!! i am so lucky to have made amazing friends in the last year...ones who make me laugh, let me indulge my foodie side and that i can count on. i am so fortunate to have them.

20. invest in a nice pair of boots that will withstand the rain
i don't know if i've necessarily invested in a pair that fits this criteria...but i've invested in a few pairs that i LOVE! i should buy myself rain boots, however...

21. read a book a month.
not quite reading a book a month...i was at one point, but there was a lull. i'm reading regularly again, though! currently reading juliet, naked by nick hornby.

22. hike to marshall's beach.
planning on this once the weather gets warmer. was just talking about this with a friend yesterday, so hopefully soon!

23. bike to sausalito.
um. nope.

24. buy a sewing machine and learn to sew.
 i wanna!!!! i am hoping that i will get myself a sewing machine for my birthday!

25. take more walks.
i do this once in awhile. i should do it more often. 

26. stop thinking so much - just DO.
working on it!!

i've crossed lots off this list, but so many left to do, too!!! at least i have twomonths left, right? oops, less than three months now...and i have things that i definitely want to put on next year's list!

and some layouts to share since it's been awhile...

these were done for two peas:

and these for pink paislee!


Jill said…
Love the list "update" -- although I admit to speed reading a little and seeing "boobs" in #20...which was really quite entertaining once I got over my shock.
Jill said…
P.S. I also LOVE these layouts! You should definitely add "post layouts daily" to your next list. :)
Brandi said…
I love the idea of this layout and being able to check your progress. Going to have to give this one a try for sure!

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