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whoa, i haven't updated in a while! for good reason though. been here, there and everywhere...including super warm austin, TX to visit the lovely reyanna!

it was absolutely pouring (and freeZING) in the bay area when i left...

check out the difference in weather in austin! i didn't want to leave - and go back to the (almost literally) arctic :(

soon after i arrived, i had my first meal in austin - a fried avocado taco. yes, that's how i roll!

we walked around 6th street - where all the nightlife is. we walked into a piano sing-along bar, and the entertainment was, uh...interesting. LOL.

the next day, reyanna and i headed out for some shopping and delicious afternoon tea.

did more shopping the next day on south congress, and picked up an AWESOME pair of vintage boots for only $32! i model them and a vintage necklace that i got there too...

i got them both here. the dress is from old navy, though (in the kids' department, no less. haha)

while on congress, we headed to big top candy shop for some cream soda. yum :) the decor was super fun too!

since austin is the "live music capital of the world" (see one of the above photos!), i decided that i needed to go to a concert there. as luck would have it, jimmy eat world was playing, and in the end i decided that i absolutely HAD to go see them (along with david bazan). they were awesome (so was bazan), and i got to chat with them again...

ate waaaaay too much during the span of the trip, as well. hit up the salt lick for BBQ...OMG, delicious!

(i even hit up the salt lick in the airport for breakfast while waiting for my flight because i couldn't get enough!)

and on the last night...more tex-mex at chuy's! mmmm!

i almost finished the ginormous place, if you can believe it.

back to reality in the arctic of san francisco. seriously, it snowed on twin peaks! missing the warm austin weather!

thanks reyanna for putting up with my crazy self for 4 days...miss you tons!! xoxo.

on a slightly related note...spring break is coming up and i have the travel bug again...due in part to a virgin america discount burning a hole in my pocket. NY, boston, or seattle? thoughts?


*reyanna klein* said…
Yay! Love all the photos! I'm gonna use one on my blog too! LOL.
Austin is great. Reyanna is great. You're great :)
Trude said…
I love Austin, went there back in college! Such a cool city. Looks like you hit all the good stuff - I'm jealous of those adorable boots! When you coming down here, lady? :)
new york!!! (But not while we're away!!!)

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