it's gonna break so our hands will be warm again

we all headed out to the exploratorium thursday night. it's one of the museums that i had yet to hit up in SF, so i really enjoyed it. it's a hands-on science museum and there is a lot to play with there...there was a bunch of stuff that appealed to my ADD side. :) we didn't get to half the exhibits there, though...partially because there is so much to see, but partially because we spent 20 minutes in front of this wall taking random photos such as these...

i think *some* of us had a little toooooo much fun here...

yeah. don't judge.

(i have been too lazy to lug around my "real" camera lately, and have been walking around with a point and shoot. this was one of those times i wish i had sucked it up and brought the big girl camera with me. sigh)

other highlights...

we headed out to the exploratorium
distortion room

this was some sort of mirror and i forget what it was that creates this effect, but i knew we had to snap photos with it.

running around in circles to create upward steam

cool patterned door thingies

ginormous and tiny chairs

LED light art. super cool!

good night. especially because we headed out to NOPA afterwards. delicious! :)


nadine said…
fun! i love museums like that!
Cheap Tuxedos said…
So this is museums i thought it was a illusions.
~Sasha Farina~ said…
the first one is wayyyyyy too cool!
OK - this is super trippy visually FUN!

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