i wake up twenty thousand years with every ghost of what i knew

this past weekend, i headed up to tahoe to play in the snow.

now, it's been a somewhat long while since i've played in the snow. i've skiied a few times and was fairly decent at it. however, this time, i got pressured into trying snowboarding for the first time because we had a couple of first-timers with us on our trip, and because according to them, "snowboarding is more fun."

um, ok then.

we look so ready here right?

i still blame these guys for sucking me in...

so anyway. i bound myself into my board, and started trekking up to the lift. i knew it would be a problem when i just kept slipping and sliding while walking with only one foot strapped into the board. the second sign of trouble was when i got off the lift and literally tumbled in the snow, all while the lift operator kept yelling at me to hurry up and get out of the way...uhhh....I WAS TRYING, HELLOOOOOOOOO!

the third sign of trouble? i couldn't stay standing up on my board for the first 30 minutes.

needless to say, it was a looooooong day of falling and tumbling down the mountain. i started getting the hang of things towards the end of the day, and ended up being the only rookie to make it to the end of the trail, but this photo pretty much sums up my (and june's) first try at snowboarding...

the next morning, i woke up to find that i didn't have enough strength to prop myself up in a sitting position. to make matters worse, i was sleeping in the top bunk and spent 30 minutes figuring out how the hell i was going to get myself out of it. all while leonard walked by remarking, "i'm not that sore." (i should've thrown something at him. not that i had any strength to).

yeah. next time, i think i'll stick to my skiis, even though they may be deemed uncool by the rest of my friends. last time i cave to peer pressure!

heading out to LA bright and early friday morning for CHA. who all will be there? come say hi - i'll be in the pink paislee booth again this year, pretty much through the entire show. speaking of pink paislee...have you seen the sweet stuff they're coming out with this show?! i'll be back to get some of my projects up for you :)


Trude said…
At least the weather was gorgeous! :) I think you would've been in pain no matter what you did - the last time I skied there was no way in hell I was getting up on the mountain the second day!

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