i was swallowing the shine of the sun

happy 2011!

i rang in the new year with some of my favorite ladies in san diego (one of my favorite places). i am so ready for this year.

2010 was a weird year for me, full of ups and downs. it had a lot of rough moments for me, but i'm going to choose to focus on the positives. there were many new experiences, and new people along the way. i laughed lots, cried lots, ate lots, and took lots of pictures (although i was a bit lacking in the personal photos department). i went to jersey and new york. i turned a quarter century old. one of my longtime scrapping buddies came to visit me. i found a job that involves two things i love: coffee and chocolate. i rekindled my love for live music and saw several of my favorite bands, and even met some of them (jimmy eat world, ingrid michaelson, something corporate). i made fabulous new friends. i learned a lot, both about myself and about everything around me. i survived, i found hope and confidence in myself.

i'm not sure what 2011 holds, but BRING IT ON.

headed back to SF tomorrow morning, where reality awaits me. i've been eating my way through so-cal the last week+, so i think the #1 goal on my list to kick off the new year will be "fit back into my pants comfortably" mission. sigh.


penuttpie said…
glad to hear you are having a good time learning and growing. if it makes you feel any better, 25 seems to be a really tough year for lots of people! i know i had a hard time with it. it seems to be a time when things change quite a bit...especially with relationships. just know you aren't alone with the change :)
~Sasha Farina~ said…
Happy New Year sweetie.. you look gorgeous!
nadine said…
I'm so glad I could come visit and stay with you! It was a highlight of my year!
dresses said…
The dresses are so great! I guess you had a good time together.

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