when i find myself oh, on nights like these, like christmas eve

um, so it's five four days til christmas. when did that happen? i've been so busy with life that decemeber has completely escaped from under me. yikes.

so, yeah. here's my greedy little christmas wishlist. :)

an apron from antropologie. ok, so it's not like i EVER cook anymore these days. so i really have no use for an apron. but damnit, the aprons from anthro are SOOOOOO friggin cute. i'd totally wear one as a dress. seriously. i also love this one and this one and this one (can i have a wardrobe full of anthro aprons. please?)

speaking of anthro, i've had my eye on this top for a while. i looooove that asymmetrical neckline and all the details...

this awesome necklace. really, i want one of everything in her shop, but this one is my favorite. and she really makes me want to get into jewelry making!!

i think i had this purse on my b-day list too. well, here it is again! love that color/pattern...

a yellow coat. a customer came into work not too long ago with a yellow coat, and i just had to comment on it because i have been DYING to get a yellow coat. she said she got it at target - this one is it.

this adorable dress. i love the flower detail on top, and the polka dots!

a fabulous pair of boots. not that i need another pair, but one can never have too many...right? i love these.

...or even these.

a netbook. i don't neeeeeed one but i travel often enough that lugging around my HEAVY laptop is starting to annoy me. maybe i should just get a lighter laptop instead?

a new ipod. because, um, i am constantly having to kick music off my current nano because i have waaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much stuff. i used to make fun of these ginormous 160Gs, but maybe that's the way to go?

lovely earrings...like these. they are simple, but pretty.

a cool ruffled scarf.

i kinda like this one too...

i was eying this top earlier, too...

a gorgeous new mug? yes, please!

i want a set of these bowls...only because i love the color combo. HA! (and really, i realize my list is made up of stuff from anthro and ruche).

i saw this planner at paper source and it's quite fabulous. me want.

oh, paper source. you make an awesome calendar.

a knit beret. i lost mine in the rain the other day :(

this smokey eye kit.

ok, i think this list is ridiculously long enough for now ;)

i have sooooo much other stuff to post about, so i'll be back soon, i promise!


*reyanna klein* said…
Oooh! Fun stuff! This is WAAAAY better than my list. Okay, I *barely* made a list. LOL.

Sorry about your hat. :-(
Jill said…
Now THIS is a Christmas list. Go big or go home!
ive been lusting those boots since i saw them and they are out of my size. which makes me not like you very much right now ;)

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