you call me a mountain, i call you the sea

sometimes, i really, really miss these people...

(photos by my friend patrick, whom i made come play paparazzi for the night, since i was too lazy to do it, hah).

well, i always miss them. but some days more than others :)

went to so-cal last weekend for a visit home. it had been a while. got to catch up with some lovely people, some whom i hadn't seen in over a year. i haven't laughed that much in so long. it felt so good catching up, and i miss them something fierce right now. looking forward to next time :)

also ate a ton of good food, discovered i had gained 7 lbs since last time i was there (mostly due to my job, i'm sure. more about that later), drank a bit, and had a ball.

i love living in san francisco, but damn, sometimes i miss so-cal. mostly due to these people... ♥

saw ingrid michaelson last night immediately upon my return. more on that later, she's fantastic :)


Jill said…
Ingrid Michaelson? LUCKY!
As for the seven pounds, wear 'em with pride. I'm sure there's LOTS of good food behind each pound. Worth it. More boobage, I say. HA.
It looks like Christmas Party to me or celebrating something.

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