it was always half invented, but the other half was good


last night pretty much made my life.

i saw jimmy eat world play at the warfield and they were amaaaaazing. the venue is only a few blocks down from work, so i just walked there after i was done and ended up being the first one in line (that never happens to me. ever). i had to amuse myself and deal with countless weirdos (i was in the tenderloin, after all) for something like 4 hours, but it was completely worth it. front and center. i've been lucky (and perhaps crazy) enough to end up in the front row at the last few general admission shows i've been to, and seriously, once you end up against the railing, you can't go back.

i saw them a few years ago at a radio show. the band i wanted to see most out of that lineup was spoon, who was awesome, save for the fact that i couldn't enjoy their set since i was super annoyed at being trampled by the crowd (seriously. WHO MOSHES TO SPOON?!?!?!). i noticed that JEW was on the lineup, and thought that was cool and that i wouldn't mind seeing them, but i wasn't expecting much from them. except they ended up blowing everyone else out of the water and stole the show (completely stole the show from modest mouse, who headlined that night. they were...weird and just kind of ehhh). i'd been dying to see them again and finally got to yesterday.

they played a good mix of stuff from all their albums (from clarity on), and played most of my favorites - "for me this is heaven" made me swoon, "goodbye sky harbor" was epic, "23" was awesome (and probably my all-time favorite JEW song), and "blister" rocked. they played a few of their songs from their new album that came out a few days ago, which i'm really digging as of late (it's got hints of the clarity days). jim adkins totally gives it his all... he completely gets into it. you literally see the sweat drops fall (it's kinda gross yet kinda awesome. but if that isn't passion...!). i'm not kidding. the crowd was into it too, which always makes for a good time. so to say i had an awesome time is an understatement.

until this happened...

um, i met the band.

i decided to attempt the waiting by the bus thing because, well, i'm not even sure why because i wasn't reeeeaaaallly expecting them to come out. i just felt like it? so i braved the cold for over an hour, the crowd dwindled to about a half dozen people, and then zach, the drummer walked out and had a short chat with us. then rick, the bassist walks out, and HOLY CRAP it's jim adkins. i almost fainted. i wasn't expecting anyone to come out really, but i was especially not expecting jim to come out. but he did.

and he was super awesome. he and rick stayed out talking to us and having conversations with us for like 20 minutes. jim was super sweet, VERY gracious and very down-to-earth (they all were) and it was a completely amazing moment. every other time i've met a band, it's been enjoyable but kind of rushed since i've always been surrounded by a gaggle of people (as much as i love the guys from lifehouse and think they're awesome in person, this has been the case with them), but OMG we were having actual conversations with these guys. and it was JIMMY EAT WORLD. i've loved this band sine high school, and have related with a lot of their songs in one way or another (their music speaks to me). completely worth the 4 hours in line, and waiting an hour after the show in the cold.

best. night. EVER.

so i turn into a 12-year-old teeny bopper every time i go to a concert/meet a band, but damn, i love it.

(they've been taking pics of the crowd at every show and posting it on twitter, so i swiped this photo from them. try and find me!)

/the end.


becca m. said…
Ahhhh!! You are so lucky... Jimmy Eat World is my all time favorite- and Clarity is definitely their best album :) Sounds like it was an awesome show!!
Jill said…
Dang, look at you! LUCKY girl!
Trude said…
I see you! So awesome, lucky girl! :)
Toni said…
Don't know the band (I'm a country fan)...but, I sure know that feeling of turning into a teenager when you go to a concert. AWESOME feeling! Glad you had fun.

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